Monash Blues vs Brunswick Renegades

Premier B Blue Women
Score: 45 - 12
1.1-7 4.4-28 5.7-37 6.9-45
Brunswick Brunswick Renegades
2.0-12 2.0-12 2.0-12 2.0-12
West Brunswick West Brunswick
94 - 92
West Brunswick West Brunswick
20 - 132
Old Geelong Old Geelong
66 - 85
Monash Blues Monash Blues
16 - 24

Match Report

In the final game of their 2018 season the Seniors were looking forward to closing with a win. Hitting the scoreboard early with a perfect passage of play in the forward fifty, Amy Dillon kicked to Vanessa ‘Goose’ Lussini who was in perfect position to dribble it through, however did the unselfish thing and hand balled it to Sasha Dougherty who was in the goal square and kicked the leather off the ball. Ange ‘Snowy’ Snowdon worked hard up and down the ground throughout the game, dishing out tackle after tackle. It was a tough contest, with high pressure across all areas of the field.

Felicity Smith a dynamic and instrumental player dominated in the backline, allowing the ball to move up the midfield creating opportunity for Brunswick. Mon “Alex Rance” Gray was to her delight pushed up forward to have a crack at kicking some goals, coming close in the fourth quarter. Kelly Dungate kicked a superb goal from a set shot which helped ease the scoreboard pressure and moved up on the wing to give a little more muscle. Clare “Wrecking Ball” Woodhouse dominated the tackle count, however was unfortunately not rewarded for her efforts but sure let her presence be known and the rule book as well. Tahlia Hayes continued her stellar season and was prolific in the midfield and backline. Ash Gaddes, Anna Carey and Maddie Wright all stepped up from the Reserves and played fantastic structured footy, that highlights how much the skill level has improved throughout the two squads since round one. We look forward to seeing them back on field next year, making more appearances in the Prems.

A big thank you to the coaches for a fantastic 2018 season, for always being there especially in those rainy nights and cold conditions at training sessions. We hope to see you all back again firing for 2019!

Thank you to our sponsors, volunteers and fans of local women’s footy. We can’t do it without you, and we hope to see you cheer the Reserves on in their well-deserved semi final spot next week against St Mary’s Salesian.

16. Sasha Dougherty 1 1
1. Kelly Dungate 1
36. Kate Sullivan 2
66. Tahlia Hayes 3
73. Felicity Smith 4
8. Angela Snowdon 5
3. Alexandra Cashion
17. Emily Taylor
21. Josephine Brown
24. Clare Woodhouse
45. Monica Gray
50. Lauren Palombi
54. Amelia Phipps
57. Fern Speechley
58. Nicola Crisp
59. Pia Salvatore
61. Anna Carey
63. Yvette Hart
64. Vanessa Lussini
65. Ashlee Gaddes
79. Amy Dillon
80. Maddison Wright
95. Andie Bleicher
98. Rosie Byers

Venue location

Frearson Oval

Monash University, Wellington Street, Clayton VIC