Monash Blues vs Brunswick Renegades

Premier B Blue Reserve Women
Score: 16 - 24
Brunswick Brunswick Renegades
West Brunswick West Brunswick
94 - 92
West Brunswick West Brunswick
20 - 132
Old Geelong Old Geelong
66 - 85
Monash Blues Monash Blues
45 - 12

Match Report

In sunny conditions and a fierce head wind, Saturday afternoon saw Brunswick travel to Monash University grounds for an exciting final round against the Monash Blues.

The Monash Blues dominated the first quarter of the game, grabbing the first goal and applying heavy pressure on the Renegades forward line. Brunswick were creating a lot of opportunity for scoring shots, but had a hard time converting them into goals in the first half of the game. Vanessa Taco Tsacos kicked the first goal, four behinds and another cracker goal, cementing her position as a strong full forward.

The half-time reset was vital for the Renegades, who came back on field determined to close out the game with a win. Eliza Cole and Jess Price had a fantastic four quarters in half back keeping the Blues on their toes and applying pressure around the stoppages. Grace Kendall and Aoife Johnston swamped the Blues defenders and were dangerous in the forward line.

Winning clearances changed the momentum of the game for Brunswick. Maz Navarro and Dani Hagan were standouts with their fierce tackling and commitment to the ball. Laura ‘LJ’ Jones and Bridget Moran were busy getting the ball out of a very congested midfield. Katie Mirabella and Maddie Lakos upped their work rate throughout the game with very little rotation.

After dominating the second half Brunswick secured a win and next week will see themselves in the first round of finals, a huge achievement and a first for the reserves team. We wish them luck and will be cheering on from the sidelines this coming weekend in Ferndale Park, Glen Iris.

26. Vanessa Tsacos 2 2
10. Grace Kendall 1
41. Laura Jones 3
37. Jessica Price 4
14. Eliza Cole 5
9. Mariana Navarro
13. Stephanie Wellicome
22. Grace Duncan
31. Danielle Hagan
35. Jane Williamson
38. Rachel Quinton
39. Taylor Whitbread
49. Ruby Cumming
52. Mary-Ellen Clare Lane
70. Katherine Mirabella
72. Rosita Glenister
75. Arlen East
77. Maddie Lakos
82. Lisa-Marie Aunkofer
88. Ann-Louise Leggett
89. Laura Berg
90. Aoife Johnston
91. Eva Mellors
94. Bridget Moran

Venue location

Frearson Oval

Monash University, Wellington Street, Clayton VIC