St Mary's Salesian vs Brunswick Renegades

Premier B Blue Reserve Women
Score: 33 - 4
2.2-14 3.2-20 5.2-32 5.3-33
Brunswick Brunswick Renegades
0.0-0 0.3-3 0.4-4 0.4-4
Prahran Assumption Prahran Assumption
117 - 34
Prahran Assumption Prahran Assumption
105 - 35
South Melbourne Districts South Melbourne Districts
122 - 0

Match Report

On a dry overcast afternoon in Glen Iris, in what Renegade veterans were calling “perfect footy conditions”, the Renegades reserves lined up for their first finals encounter in an elimination semi against St Mary’s.

Captain Laura Jones led the team out to huge applause and cheers from a strong Renegade support contingent.

St Mary’s, a youthful and speedy team, hit the board early, making the most of their chances as they kicked with the breeze. The Renegades fought hard and had a few opportunities but were unlucky in front of goal.

The backline were super solid all day, with Ash tough and tenacious and silky skilled duo Sarah Gregg and Jessica Price excellent. Play of the Day undoubtedly came from the fast and classy “JP”. As a St Mary’s player pinned the ears back and found a paddock from the wing into their forward 50, the slight JP ran her down and laid a superstar tackle, bundling her over the line in what would have otherwise been another scoring shot.

There were plenty of other standout performances, with ruck Eliza running herself to a standstill, Grace presenting all over the ground, and Bridge huge in the contests. There were some huge amounts of run and defensive efforts from Anna and Alana Schmidty Smith on the wings.

Despite some very unlucky bounces and not cracking the goals, these huge performances showed the Renegades brought spirit and fight, and walked away with some very improved players and a motivated team ready to give ’em hell in 2019.


JP had a cracker game in front of a loud purple army


Schmidty lines up after a strong mark


Ash is consoled by Reno pup Wally

65. Ashlee Gaddes 1
37. Jessica Price 2
10. Grace Kendall 3
14. Eliza Cole 4
18. Alana Smith 5
70. Katherine Mirabella 6
4. Sarah Gregg
5. Lara Bush
26. Vanessa Tsacos
28. Claire Butterly
34. Erin Nelson
35. Jane Williamson
41. Laura Jones
48. Amber Blodgett
49. Ruby Cumming
52. Mary-Ellen Clare Lane
53. Emily Goode
61. Anna Carey
72. Amanda Goode
77. Madeline Lakos
78. Jeanette Le
80. Maddison Wright
87. Erin Furness
90. Aoife Johnston
91. Eva Mellors
94. Bridget Moran

Venue location

Ferndale Park

Valley Parade and Glen Iris Rd, Glen Iris VIC