Brunswick Renegades vs Collegians

Premier B Blue Reserve Women
Score: 55 - 22
Brunswick Brunswick Renegades
Oakleigh Oakleigh
158 - 104
Oakleigh Oakleigh
96 - 84
Under 19s
Collegians Collegians
16 - 27

Match Report

The Reserves took the ground first and there were many fantastic debuts. The game was determined by hard tackling and pressure, certainly a pay off from the focus of pre-season and specialist coaching. Jeanette Le set the tone early with a hard tackle in the opening minutes. Free running and movement of the ball down the ground allowed the Renegades to take control and push to our advantage. Notably Yvette Hart pushing through with courage taking on packs to advance the play. There were some exciting and promising new recruits who shone in their first outing including Vanessa (Goose) Lussini kicking four goals!! Overall some real promise and exiting times ahead for the reserves with old and new players performing extremely well on the day.

64. Vanessa Lussini 4 5
19. Anastasia Gramatakos 2
30. Lauren Hagan 1 4
75. Arlen East 1
63. Yvette Hart 1
53. Emily Goode 2
61. Anna Carey 3
9. Mariana Navarro
14. Eliza Cole
26. Vanessa Tsacos
35. Jane Williamson
39. Taylor Whitbread
41. Laura Jones
48. Amber Blodgett
49. Ruby Cumming
52. Mary-Ellen Clare Lane
56. Vanessa Beasley
65. Ashlee Gaddes
70. Katherine Mirabella
77. Maddie Lakos
78. Jeanette Le
80. Maddison Wright
84. Tegan Larin
93. Oriana Aprico-Wister

Venue location

Gillon Oval

Pearson St, north of Victoria St, Brunswick VIC