Brunswick Renegades vs Old Geelong

Premier B Blue Reserve Women
Score: 0 - 179
Brunswick Brunswick Renegades
Kew Kew
117 - 48
Kew Kew
79 - 80
Whitefriars Whitefriars
103 - 34
Old Geelong Old Geelong
21 - 25

Match Report

The Reserves had a hard task set out for them facing off against Old Geelong’s on an unseasonably hot and sunny autumn day. With a host of debutantes Lara Bush, Rosie Byers, Kat Hopkins, Belle Ngien and Stephanie Ward making their first Renegade appearances, the reserves were up for a big task.

Unfortunately, Brunswick’s effort was not reflected in the score. Throughout the entire game, the team worked hard, winning a lot of the ball and maintaining Brunswick’s patented style of hard tackling and placing huge pressure on the opposition. Despite an opposition of tall and fast players who moved the ball very well, the Renegades kept trying valiantly and never gave up.

First gamer Lara Bush laid tackle after tackle in a very busy backline that persisted through the hot afternoon. She was supported by the cool Jane Williamson and Danielle Hagan who kept level heads and held up a strong line of defence. Rosie Byers had a stunning debut, going head first at the footy, and beating multiple opposition players to get the possession.

Despite the loss, the Renegades held their heads high, and are looking towards taking on St Mary’s Salesian following the bye.

61. Anna Carey 1
35. Jane Williamson 2
5. Lara Bush 3
31. Danielle Hagan 4
98. Rosie Byers 5
9. Mariana Navarro
13. Stephanie Wellicome
14. Eliza Cole
19. Anastasia Gramatakos
28. Claire Butterly
34. Erin Nelson
39. Taylor Whitbread
40. Kara Pritchard
46. Stephanie Ward
49. Ruby Cumming
52. Mary-Ellen Clare Lane
68. Belle Ngien
75. Arlen East
77. Maddie Lakos
81. Natassja Vella
82. Lisa-Marie Aunkofer
83. Kerry Dobson
89. Laura Berg
97. Katherine Hopkins

Venue location

Gillon Oval

Pearson St, north of Victoria St, Brunswick VIC