Mazenod vs Brunswick Renegades

Premier B Blue Women
Score: 31 - 45
1.1-7 4.1-25 4.1-25 5.1-31
Brunswick Brunswick Renegades
3.3-21 4.3-27 5.6-36 6.9-45
Kew Kew
48 - 138
Kew Kew
46 - 83
Old Scotch Old Scotch
54 - 108
Mazenod Mazenod
16 - 18

Match Report

With the Reserves getting a win, the Seniors were keen to do the same for round ten. With the absence of Mon in the backline, Andie took the reins and did an amazing job as full back with the inclusion of the very versatile Snowy who gave further run off the half back flank. The interchange was a few km’s down the road and a bit to the left so Ned was feeling the pressure with rotation after rotation. Kate (Mad Dog) Sullivan and Amy Lee are a great inclusion to the forward line creating space and using the ball well. Mad Dog managed to bag a couple of goals keeping the Renegades nose just in front. The forward line played a well structured composed game resulting in 6 goals. Goosey hung down in the forward line taking some spectacular contested marks, to also gather a couple of goals.

The midfield utilised the corridor exceptionally well to minimise running on a ground that was muddy and clay like. They came off field with a mud bath scrub that celebrities pay hundreds for, and that will surely pay off for this coming weekend’s One Club Ball. A special mention to Ally who tagged her player consistently throughout the game and won out every time, the pressure applied to her opponent was textbook and definitely unraveled Mazenod. Two wins in a row for both teams has not happened at the club before, and will be celebrated for quite some time.

We look forward to the games this coming Saturday against St Mary’s Salesian, but more importantly we look forward to throwing on our dancing shoes and enjoying the One Club Ball this Saturday Night.

34. Vanessa Lussini 2 1
36. Kate Sullivan 2
27. Niamh Moynihan 1 5
1. Kelly Dungate 1
6. Andie Bleicher 2
47. Fern Speechley 3
35. Jessica Price 4
4. Alexandra Cashion
5. Angela Snowdon
11. Felicity Smith
12. Tahlia Hayes
13. Emily Taylor
14. Yvette Hart
20. Sasha Dougherty
22. Pia Salvatore
23. Clare Woodhouse
32. Alana Smith
33. Josephine Brown
34. Nicola Crisp
45. Hannah Musil
46. Lauren Palombi
48. Amy Dillon

Venue location

Central Reserve

Springvale Rd and Waverley Rd, Glen Waverley VIC