West Brunswick vs Brunswick Renegades

Premier B Blue Women
Score: 79 - 7
1.7-13 4.12-36 7.15-57 10.19-79
Brunswick Brunswick Renegades
0.1-1 0.1-1 0.1-1 1.1-7
Ivanhoe Ivanhoe
103 - 80
Ivanhoe Ivanhoe
41 - 64
Glen Eira Glen Eira
22 - 108
West Brunswick West Brunswick
59 - 1

Match Report

It may not have been Brunswick’s day on the scoreboard, but luckily that isn’t why we play football. We play for the fun and the friendships and the team spirit, which is what was in abundance on Saturday. Renegades were hosted by West Brunswick at McAlister Oval.

The highlight reel is a long one for round six as well with multiple acts of courage and strength throughout all three games. Both sides played competitive football and showed great qualities on and off field.

Eva Mellors had a superb game with textbook tackling. The one percenters really dug their heels in applying pressure and laying tackles, shepherds and blocks. Taylor Whitbread, Arlen East and Anna Carey played back to back matches with a solid effort by Arlen in the ruck for the reserves.

Rosie Byers was a clearance machine managing to push the ball back toward Brunswick’s fifty metre line. Jane Williamson, Erin Furness and Ash Gaddes were the last line of defense and they proved this time and time again by taking many a goal saving mark. Loz Hagan was tagged throughout the game, showing that West Brunswick were not expecting such a diverse and quick opposition. Maddie Lakos and Maddie Wright attacked the ball from the moment the game started and kept the West Brunswick midfielders on their toes.

Impressive from the outset West Brunswick were an equally competitive side for the Seniors. Hannah Musil was outstanding in the backline continuously tackling and winning the one on one battles. Yvette Hart channeled her inner leopard and chased down her player to win a free kick. It set the tone for the day, the Renegades were not going to make it easy for West Brunswick. Ally Cashion had a courageous fourth quarter going back with the flight of the ball, only to bounce back up again for a second and third effort.

Flick Smith took the game on in the final minutes, racing through the midfield taking a bounce and belting the ball into the forward fifty setting the Renegades up for the first goal of the game. The celebrations were ecstatic and the game was finished on a high. The hospitality of West Brunswick was generous, and we look forward to hosting them at Gillon in round 12.

64. Vanessa Lussini 1
7. Hannah Musil 1
24. Clare Woodhouse 2
66. Tahlia Hayes 3
73. Felicity Smith 4
3. Alexandra Cashion 5
1. Kelly Dungate
8. Angela Snowdon
16. Sasha Dougherty
26. Vanessa Tsacos
28. Josephine Brown
36. Kate Sullivan
45. Monica Gray
50. Lauren Palombi
54. Amelia Phipps
57. Fern Speechley
58. Nicola Crisp
59. Pia Salvatore
60. Jane Lonard
63. Yvette Hart
79. Amy Dillon
95. Andie Bleicher

Venue location

McAlister Oval

741/759 Park St, Brunswick VIC