Old Camberwell vs Brunswick Renegades

Premier B Blue Women
Score: 1 - 34
0.1-1 0.1-1 0.1-1 0.1-1
Brunswick Brunswick Renegades
0.0-0 3.2-20 3.3-21 5.4-34
Preston Bullants Preston Bullants
36 - 117
Preston Bullants Preston Bullants
23 - 30
Ivanhoe Ivanhoe
51 - 45
Old Camberwell Old Camberwell
9 - 24

Match Report

After the Reserves slogged it out in peak winter football conditions the Senior team were lucky enough to hit the ground running with a bit of sunshine and flair.

Early on in the first quarter the Renegades set the tone with physical confidence. Old Camberwell unfurled their 2017 premiers flag, but once the umpires whistle blew it was all about the Renegades domination around the midfield and forward fifty. Thrown into the ruck early Grace Duncan shut down Camberwell’s dominant ruck and made her presence felt around the ground.

Tahlia Hayes kicked what can only be described as an Eddie Betts special from the 50, it rollicked into the goal square and over the line setting the tone for the rest of the match. Ange “Snowbell” Snowden nailed a text book goal also from a considerable distance, to give her forward line the confidence to crack on into the next half.

Superhands Sasha Dougherty could not drop a mark up forward including a ridiculous one hander. A strong two goal breeze was blowing to the southern end and the Renagades managed to repel every entry with Flick Smith and Andie Bleicher leading the charge. The Renegades back line were fired up and denied Camberwell any opportunity to score, with strong tackles from captain Clare Woodhouse and Fern “Disco Inferno” Speechley.

The Vanessa’s “Vanessa “Taco” Tsacos and Vanessa “Goose” Lussini scored from inside 50 shutting down Camberwell. With the final siren it was a historic day for the Renegades, being the first time both the Senior team and Reserves, in only their second year, have had a win together and away from Gillon. With the introduction of a number of Reserves moving into the Senior team, it proved a solid performance. Next week is back at home with a ready and rearing team for another energy-driven home game.

66. Tahlia Hayes 2
8. Angela Snowdon 1
26. Vanessa Tsacos 1
64. Vanessa Lussini 1
16. Sasha Dougherty 1
73. Felicity Smith 2
51. Andie Bleicher 3
27. Niamh Moynihan 4
22. Grace Duncan 5
10. Grace Kendall
18. Alana Smith
24. Clare Woodhouse
36. Kate Sullivan
45. Monica Gray
48. Amber Blodgett
50. Lauren Palombi
55. Morgyn McCarthy Harding
57. Fern Speechley
58. Nicola Crisp
71. Gemma Costello
76. Yvette Hart
79. Amy Dillon
86. Rachel Quinton
94. Bridget Moran

Venue location

Gordon Barnard Reserve

23 Carrington Street, Balwyn North VIC