Brunswick Renegades vs RMIT University

Premier C Women Reserves
Score: 0 - 7
Brunswick Brunswick Renegades
0.0-0 0.0-0 0.0-0 0.0-0
0.0-0 1.1-7 1.1-7 1.1-7
Power House Power House
39 - 109
Power House Power House
39 - 111
Therry Penola Therry Penola
42 - 57
RMIT University RMIT University
10 - 3

Match Report

After a great week on the training track, the Reno’s were looking forward to playing back at home on a sunny but waterlogged afternoon.

Coach Ryan started the day a tad starstruck as the ump was a local rock idol of his from yesteryear, and was chuffed to have a yarn with him after the game.

The Reno’s came out strong in the first quarter, and produced repeat inside 50 entries however couldn’t quite get access to goal in the wet and muddy conditions.

In the middle stages, RMIT started to show clean pairs of heels and hands moving the ball with speed. LJ, Eliza and Company held out well in the midfield, trying to break through the congestion and embraced mud.

Bec, Jane, Elle and Schmidty marshalled the backline well and repelled the ball all day, keeping them to only 2 shots on goal.

Unfortunately, the Reno’s couldn’t quite get the reward for their effort this week and can look forward to giving it another crack at home next week.

14. Eliza Cole 1
48. Rabecca Dula 2
41. Laura Jones 3
93. Ellenya Linsdell 4
35. Jane Williamson 5
13. Stephanie Wellicome
15. Melissa Everett
18. Alana Smith
19. Anastasia Gramatakos
31. Danielle Hagan
40. Kara Pritchard
43. Iris Kostas
49. Emma Wearmouth
51. Amy Swindon
52. Mary-Ellen Clare Lane
53. Emily Goode
56. Avila Den Ouden
61. Anna Carey
86. Elizabeth Fitzgerald
91. Eva Mellors
Emily Corbett
Martina Capurso
Jennifer Wheatcroft

Venue location

Gillon Oval

Pearson St, north of Victoria St, Brunswick VIC