Therry Penola vs Brunswick FC

U19 Division 4
June 22, 2019, 9:20 am
Score: 42 - 57
Therry Penola Therry Penola1.1-71.4-102.6-185.12-42
Brunswick FC Brunswick FC1.2-85.6-366.9-458.9-57
Power House Power House39 - 109
Power House Power House39 - 111
RMIT University RMIT University10 - 3
RMIT University RMIT University0 - 7
Match Report

With a wet week across the metropolitan area, the conditions at Therry were always going to be testing, with a water-logged ground and the cricket pitch to contend with. At least the rain held off for the local suburban derby! In terms of injury the team had 24 on the list, while Coach Ross took the opportunity to rest the 190cm full back Jasper Paevere, while Gus Coverdale (ankle), and Stefan Stengherlin (foot) were still on the recovery list. However quality replacements filled the void with Angus Ross (broken arm) and Jack Ludeman (exams) returning. Instructions were simple: wet weather football, get in front, expect the ball to drop early, tackling (15-20 per quarter), handball (backwards out of packs) and shepherding to be the 1%-ers that will ensure success.

1st Quarter: The football bounced around between half forward and half backline for almost half the quarter, with ball watching (rather than opponent) being a common mistake throughout. Big Alex Georgopoulos (Dragon Premiership player from 2012) however at Centre Half Back had other ideas, marking the ball as it if was a dry sunny day. The Big G pulling down numerous marks and repelling Therry attacks and rebounding the ball back into the Brunswick forward line.

The Finnish recruit Elmo at Centre half forward however was on the receiving end of the Big G forward entries and was contesting well bringing the ball to the ground to allow the mosquito fleet of Shannon Gill, Angus Ross, and the two Anthony’s Roussos and Alexandris first use. It wasn’t until the 14-minute mark of the first quarter when Brunswick scored a goal from Angus Ross on the run from 35 metres out. Therry not deterred kept attacking with their full back No 4 showing the opposition how to run and carry out of the Therry backline, with long penetrating kicks down the north wing.

Brunswick 1-2-8 Therry 1-1-7

2nd Quarter: Some positional changes allowed for attacking football and Brunswick broke the game open in the second quarter. Jack Ludeman into the forward line provided another avenue to goal and a gather on the boundary line with a snap over the body to centre the ball found Mathias Foley 35m out in front of goal and the small forward didn’t disappoint with a goal in the first minute. Back to the centre and again the ball bounced around between forward and backlines and it took until the 13 minutes mark to Paddy Boreham Delaney to slot through a major from 40 out, near the northern flank.

Brunswick buoyed by the scoring opportunities continued to attack, with goals to Anthony Alexandris from the boundary line scoring a major at the 8-minute mark and Shannon Gill followed at the 3-minute mark. Backline was stingy as usual with Jack Sabatino, Declan Sparrow, Carl Marchione placing enormous pressure on the Therry backline and clearing the ball out on a regular basis – keeping Therry to zip goals for the quarter.

Brunswick 6-8-45 Therry 1-4-10

The third quarter known as the “Premiership Quarter” and although Brunswick had control of the game, Therry were not to be denied and continued to pressure their opponents. Wet weather football, skidding balls, stoppages and boundary throw ins were the order the day and it took until the 16 minutes mark of the quarter for the Finnish recruit Elmo to score a major from 15 metres out directly in front from a 50 metre penalty! A bit lucky this attempt, after missing an earlier one from the same distance about 2 minutes prior. But any score in these conditions is welcomed. Therry managed to score a major at the 8-minute mark.

Brunswick 6-9-45 – Therry 2-6-18

The signs were excellent however the instructions at 3/4 time was to finish the game off and not take the foot off the accelerator. Therry however had the same instructions and were not going away. Brunswick stated well with the blond headed bombshell Shannon Gill finding Alexander Roussos who scored his first major for the day at the 22-minute mark. The shifting of back flanker Marchione into the forward line paid dividends for Coach Ross, when Carl mark on the boundary line 40 metres out and slotted through a major (20 minute), that didn’t deviate through its path. A big goal with a wet ball at this stage of the game.

Again, wet weather football continued to dominate play with players throwing themselves into the fray and Therry’s perseverance paid off with their third major at the 11-minute mark. This gave the opposition confidence and they lifted for the remaining part of the quarter dominating play, however the backline continued to replace the ball into the southern wing. However, two quick goals by Therry and the margin narrowed to within 15 points, with Therry running out of time

21. Patrick Boreham-Delaney11
13. Anthony Alexandris15
2. Shannon Gill1
10. Carl Marchione1
12. Matthias Foley1
14. Elmo Primmer1
28. Angus Ross1
42. Anthony Roussos1
5. Will Mckenzie2
18. Jack Sabatino3
22. Declan Sparrow4
17. Alexander Georgopoulos6
1. Tahj Haddock
4. Jack Ludeman
6. Alexander Avraam
7. Alexander Rusjan
8. Dion Choong
16. Jasper Paevere
20. Erik Newgreen
26. James Kharma
27. Tobias Neal
39. Archie Fulton-Grigg
52. Lukas Petrov

Venue Information

John Pascoe Fawkner Reserve

Francis Street and Winifred Street, Oak Park VIC