NOBSPC vs La Trobe University

Club XVIII Section 3
Score: 35 - 93
Brunswick Brunswick (as NOBSPC)
1.1-7 5.1-31 5.4-34 5.5-35
1.3-9 4.5-29 9.7-61 14.9-93
Yarra Old Grammarians Yarra Old Grammarians
71 - 129
Yarra Old Grammarians Yarra Old Grammarians
68 - 86
Seaford Seaford
46 - 8

Match Report

“Justice delayed is justice denied”

5 Best

  1. For one half of football, the unstoppable force of La Trobe being met by an immovable object in the form of NOBS Club XVIII at G Town
  2. The Dragons upsetting MHSOB and Norm Nugent mentioning NOBS in his Club XVIII write-up for the first time since Myles Tehan’s teary retirement describing us as the “main challenger” #thefifthstageinthegrievingprocessis’acceptance’

  3. Rumours the O’Halloran brothers are to be reunited on a half forward flank and Cecil John Rhodes McLeod injecting a much needed touch of class and poise to an intellectually progressive and athletically formidable backline #giveKrackersagoupforward
  4. Gatto rucking the whole game, literally. Who does that? #liftthekneeandyou’llendupatthebottomofPtPhillipBaywithconcreteshoes
  5. The current state of affairs, viz, sitting pretty as bridesmaid 2nd spot on the ladder with nothing to lose, as the psychological torment of being unbeaten heading into finals starts to weigh heavily on hearts and minds at Winterfell.

5 Worst

  1. Letting the game slip away in the second half #treppodidtheBBQdutiescauseheneededtocooloffoutside
  2. Dragons forfeiting round 9, thereby depriving yours truly of an opportunity to write about the unmitigated massacre that would have ensued notwithstanding their subsequent upset victory against MHSOB (who are overrated, in my opinion)
  3. Getting a admirably honest text message from Tim Mayfield SG on Saturday morning admitting that he was too scared to face up to the bearded Northmen from Winterfell #anumafia
  4. Whatever happened to Brenno
  5. The possibility that Mr September, H Christie, may not be around for finals
Matthew Reid 3
7. Benjamin O’Halloran 1
1. Todd MacLeod 1
Alexander Pascoe 1
33. Luke Fogarty 2
42. Paul Daniels 3
Jack Frew 4
Christopher Gatto 5
Travers McLeod 6
9. Brenton Lawty
32. Lewis Cross
14. Phillip Moore
49. Steven Denatris
61. Tim Mayfield
27. Tony Pick
Anthony Hipsley
Daniel Kratochvil
61. Julian O’Dowd
Ryan Slack
Sam O’Connell
Thomas Winship

Venue location

Gillon Oval

Pearson St, north of Victoria St, Brunswick VIC