NOBSPC vs Melbourne High School

Club XVIII Section 3
Score: 48 - 70
Brunswick Brunswick (as NOBSPC)
1.2-8 3.5-23 4.5-29 7.6-48
3.2-20 5.3-33 9.10-64 10.10-70
Old Mentonians Old Mentonians
145 - 87
Old Mentonians Old Mentonians
167 - 26
Seaford Seaford
48 - 14

Match Report

5 Best:

  1. NOBs legendary utility and dairy industry powerbroker, Tim Newton, saying g’day to Brenno in the sheds at half-time in the semi-final against La Trobe only to have his Queensland compatriot Dr. McDreamy respond, “Hi Dyno” #couldhavebeenheapsworse #Dynoisagoodbloketobemistakenfor
  2. Thursday night dinner after training Paul “JD” Daniels suggests to Tom Winship that he thinks his sister works with him. Tom replying “Oh yeah, what’s her last name”? Tom Winship then stating on Sunday that he only recently worked out who Paul Daniels was.
  3. Lewie Cross’ Friday afternoon playing group emails with quarter-by-quarter analysis of NOBs classic encounters from days gone by.
  4. Telling Clinch senior that if he was going to scream at the umpires and call them worthless, blind imbeciles that he should probably not stand in the coach’s box and instead step behind the fence.
  5. Phil Moore notching up 50 games* and Ivesy not being able to retire on 49 games
  6. The prospect of having C.Ives and B.O’Halloran having to turn up in 2015 to play at least one game to make their fiftieth appearance for the club then sticking around for the rest of the season just ’cause
  7. Treppo’s girlfriend (having come to her first game of the year) after the final siren asking whether his coaching just involves pointing at people and yelling F-bombs at them for 10 minutes
  8. Treppo announcing quietly that he should be back next year in a new role of playing coach as his back will be in good shape
  9. H.CHRISTIE not ruling out a return to the Gillon next year.

5 Worst:

  1. Getting knocked out Bernard Tomic-like in straight sets by a ‘new look’ MHSOB outfit #neverseenthatruckmanbefore
  2. Paul ‘Circle of Trust’ Daniels sustaining the incredibly rare injury of a bruised larynx
  3. Tommy O’s Warwick Capper-style mark ending up in a Gary Moorcroft-style injury
  4. The size of Todd’s leg at the end of the game
  5. The MHSOB mob giving ‘Paul’ and ‘Stephen’ grief in the back line in the third quarter while their full forward (that once was named in the best for their 1s this year) ripped us apart
  6. After return from overseas, A.Clinch turning up to the game with an orange Jersey Shore glow.

* The feat took Phil 9-10 years to achieve, but his tackling ability kind’ve makes up for it

21. Hamish Christie 3
54. Tom O’Halloran 1 5
7. Benjamin O’Halloran 1 6
Christopher Gatto 1
Sam O’Connell 1
14. Phillip Moore 1
48. Stephen Clinch 2
1. Todd MacLeod 3
Anthony Hipsley 4
42. Paul Daniels
5. Anthony Brennan
9. Brenton Lawty
11. Christopher Ives
32. Lewis Cross
33. Luke Fogarty
34. Manisha Karunaratne
49. Steven Denatris
61. Tim Mayfield
Alan Clinch
Daniel Kratochvil
Ryan Slack
Thomas Winship
Travers McLeod
Thomas Clarke

Venue location

Elsternwick Park (Oval 1)

170 Glen Huntly Rd, Brighton VIC