NOBSPC vs Melbourne High School

Club XVIII Section 3
Score: 92 - 34
Brunswick Brunswick (as NOBSPC)
Prahran Assumption Prahran Assumption
114 - 58
Prahran Assumption Prahran Assumption
25 - 83

Match Report

Manager of Opposition Business in the House, the Hon. Tony Bourke MP, sends true believers his list of 5 best and 5 worst each Parliamentary sitting week.

Here is ours from the standpoint of someone still bitter after getting stitched up and dropped to the 2s:

5 Best

  1. Welcoming to the Club XVIII family plenty of solid new blokes including Chris ‘Mick Standover-man’ Gatto, Sam O’Connell, Alex ‘Fixie’ Pascoe, Edward ‘Princes Hill Art Deco’ Kus and The Glove to name but a few. #illneverplayCHBagain
  2. The coming of age of Dr Brennan, the highest profile code jumper since Israel Folau
  3. Todd ‘… if I kick 7’ McLeod kicking 6
  4. Dan ‘Ink’ Kratochvil sending Anthony ‘pho’ Hipsley a text at 3 pm Sunday afternoon to the effect “Where are you? Come home. I need you”
  5. Drinking fat yak in the sun after a genteel nine holes at Parkville links on Sunday discussing the best ways to get to Bundoora for the round 5 Friday night blockbuster against LaTrobe

5 Worst

  1. Sean ‘Brunswick Commune’ Sammon doing his AC ligament 3rd game back after two knee reco’s 10 minutes into the reserves game in Ballarat (out for the season / life)
  2. Ed ‘Sinophilism’ Kus suffering a dislocated knee 15 minutes into the reserves game in Ballarat (5/6 weeks)
  3. Rev. Spiritual Leader Constable Chris Ives busting a finger (5/6 weeks)
  4. The turn out to paintball the other week, 7 blokes (4 actual footballers / 3 ring ins)
  5. VAFA releasing a ‘preliminary draw’ 72 hours before the season kicks off – and watching Treppo’s mental health gradually deteriorate over the course of the week
1. Todd MacLeod 6 3
5. Anthony Brennan 1 1
9. Brenton Lawty 1 2
Sam O’Connell 1 5
7. Benjamin O’Halloran 1 6
26. Jarryd Poyner 1
49. Steven Denatris 1
Alexander Pascoe 1
Matthew Reid 1
11. Joshua Hunter 4
42. Paul Daniels
47. Simon Joyce
11. Christopher Ives
32. Lewis Cross
33. Luke Fogarty
34. Manisha Karunaratne
14. Phillip Moore
51. Timothy Bayles
Alan Clinch
Anthony Hipsley
Daniel Kratochvil
Thomas Winship

Venue location

Gillon Oval

Pearson St, north of Victoria St, Brunswick VIC