Club XVIII Section 3
Score: 31 - 122
2.1-13 3.3-21 3.6-24 4.7-31
Brunswick Brunswick (as NOBSPC)
6.4-40 8.6-54 12.7-79 19.8-122
Yarra Old Grammarians Yarra Old Grammarians
73 - 55
Yarra Old Grammarians Yarra Old Grammarians
39 - 114

Match Report

5 Best

  1. Being undefeated after playing 80% of the teams in the competition
  2. Being able to look forward to our next game that could not get any bigger. Friday night. Under lights. Top of the table clash to determine who regains the undefeated title, and who will be cast down into obscurity. Plenty of beers after the game (Keep your Friday night free boys).
  3. Fog running down the HFF on his opposite side, whereupon I hear some bloke from behind me yell out “What’s he doing? He doesn’t have a left foot?!”. Fog then takes the shot on his left, where it starts to roll towards the goal. The bloke behind me starts yelling “Miss! Miss!”, and the ball miraculously bounces through for a goal. I turn around to find out that the guy yelling was Fog’s dad.
  4. Po and Kracka’s run out of defense to set up a goal. One of the most beautiful plays I’ve seen this year and it came from two blokes who first picked up a football about 3 months ago.
  5. There not being a single one of these things # in the whole email.

5 Worst

  1. The selection dilemma facing the coaching staff this weekend. Although it’s not so much a dilemma when you have too many good players.
  2. My 3 qtr time speech consisting of mainly ‘I want all of you to run your guts out at the start of this qtr, and when you’re cooked, come to the bench, we have plenty of rotations’. About 5 minutes in to the quarter I’ve got 4 blokes on the bench who are done for the day, and I have to start turning players away from the bench who are following my instructions.
  3. The seniors stealing John Glossop for the day. Never again.
  4. Todd’s pouting before the game when he realise Hamo was playing, and his pouting after the game when Hamo kicked more gaols than him.
  5. The Grand View still not having our BOG vouchers ready. Lawty and Brenno, you are still owed $25 each to spend as you wish there. I suggest beer.
21. Hamish Christie 4
1. Todd MacLeod 3
33. Luke Fogarty 2 1
7. Benjamin O’Halloran 2 3
Alexander Pascoe 2 4
Matthew Reid 2
13. Brenton Allan 1 2
Christopher Gatto 1 6
14. Phillip Moore 1
49. Steven Denatris 1
Anthony Hipsley 5
42. Paul Daniels
5. Anthony Brennan
9. Brenton Lawty
26. Jarryd Poyner
32. Lewis Cross
48. Stephen Clinch
61. Tim Mayfield
Alan Clinch
Daniel Kratochvil
Ryan Slack
Sam O’Connell

Venue location

Brens Oval

Macarthur Rd, Parkville VIC