2019 Premier C Women

Senior Ladder

Yarra Valley OB122345.0848
Brunswick FC113278.0644
South Melbourne Districts86232.5532
RMIT University59129.7920
St Bedes/Mentone Tigers30542.8612
Old Melburnians21219.548
North Brunswick11315.014

Round 1

Canterbury Canterbury0.0-00.0-00.0-00.1-1
Brunswick FC Brunswick FC2.6-185.10-407.15-578.19-67

The Prems came out firing playing the returning Jess Brown at the opposite end of the ground and it spade off in spades, JB's strong leads converted to multiple shots on goal in the opening term.

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Round 2

Brunswick FC Brunswick FC3.4-225.7-377.13-559.18-72
Old Melburnians Old Melburnians0.0-00.1-10.1-10.1-1

The Prems went into the first home game hoping to continue their form and make it two in a row and they started right where they left off with plenty of early shots on goal. Dougherty was taking big pack marks and setting up the forwards with Mon Grey having a day out and slotting 4 majors, one being on the run due to no one standing on the mark from a long way out.

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Round 3

St Bedes/Mentone Tigers St Bedes/Mentone Tigers1.1-75.4-345.4-347.5-47
Brunswick FC Brunswick FC0.1-11.2-81.5-111.5-11

With clouds looming over and the temperature dropping, the senior team took to the field against a polished Tigers team who had played finals last year. The team was led out by "The Golden Fist" Monica Gray who tore through a magnificent banner commemorating 50 games for Brunswick.

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Round 4

Brunswick FC Brunswick FC1.1-72.1-133.1-194.7-31
Mazenod Mazenod0.0-01.1-71.2-81.2-8

With the showers clearing and the sun trying to peak through the Renegades' seniors took to the field hoping to get a win on the board after last week's hard fought loss.

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Round 5

Brunswick FC Brunswick FC1.1-71.1-72.2-143.3-21
South Melbourne Districts South Melbourne Districts1.0-64.1-255.4-346.6-42

The battle of 2nd vs 3rd was a bruising encounter from the first bounce with both teams giving their all in a classic game of tough footy.

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Round 6

North Brunswick North Brunswick0.0-00.1-10.2-20.2-2
Brunswick FC Brunswick FC5.3-339.8-6212.9-8117.14-116

There wasn't a cloud in the sky as the Prems hit the field in perfect conditions but it still managed to rain - rain goals that is!

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Round 7

Brunswick FC Brunswick FC0.2-21.2-82.3-154.3-27
Yarra Valley OB Yarra Valley OB1.1-72.3-152.3-152.4-16

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Round 8

Mazenod Mazenod0.0-01.0-61.0-61.1-7
Brunswick FC Brunswick FC1.0-62.1-132.1-132.2-14

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Round 9

Old Melburnians Old Melburnians2.0-123.0-183.0-183.2-20
Brunswick FC Brunswick FC1.2-83.2-204.2-264.2-26

Coming off the long weekend, the Renegades were looking forward to getting out there on a beautiful Saturday twilight game.

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Round 10

Brunswick FC Brunswick FC1.0-61.3-91.3-91.4-10
RMIT University RMIT University0.1-10.1-10.1-10.3-3

Out on the field it was a funny old day for football. The centre square was an absolute quagmire and the early shower just made it harder to have clean disposal of the footy.

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Round 11

Brunswick FC Brunswick FC0.2-25.5-355.10-4010.14-74
North Brunswick North Brunswick0.0-00.0-00.0-00.0-0

After a slow start with 3 points scored in the first quarter the Renos kicked it up a gear in the second and and started peppering the goals.

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Round 12

South Melbourne Districts South Melbourne Districts0.0-00.1-12.1-132.3-15
Brunswick FC Brunswick FC0.1-11.1-72.3-153.5-23

The Prems ran out onto a heavy, chopped up ground ready for a tough, physical game in what could very well be a finals preview.

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Round 13

Brunswick FC Brunswick FC1.1-73.3-214.3-274.4-28
Canterbury Canterbury0.0-00.0-00.0-00.0-0

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Round 14

Yarra Valley OB Yarra Valley OB0.4-41.6-121.8-144.10-34
Brunswick FC Brunswick FC2.0-123.0-184.0-244.1-25

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2nd Semi Final

Yarra Valley OB Yarra Valley OB0.1-10.3-30.6-61.6-12
Brunswick FC Brunswick FC2.2-142.3-152.3-152.4-16

The Renos headed back to Doncaster for the replay of last week's match on a dry, dim lighted ground for a chance to go straight into the grand final.

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Grand Final

Brunswick FC Brunswick FC0.1-10.2-20.2-20.3-3
Yarra Valley OB Yarra Valley OB1.4-102.5-172.6-183.6-24

The Renegades went into the big dance hoping to make history. After losing a grand final in their second season in 2015 they wanted to go one better and take home the cup in 2019.

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