North Brunswick vs Brunswick Renegades

Premier C Women
Score: 1 - 36
Brunswick Brunswick Renegades
52 - 67
40 - 54
Williamstown CYMS Williamstown CYMS
88 - 86
North Brunswick North Brunswick
24 - 36

Match Report

A big win from the Reserves had the Prems fired up and ready to make it a double. This week we celebrated the incredible efforts of our star ruck Eliza who ran out for her 60th game. Eliza’s 50th milestone managed to sneak past us as she made it in record time due to often playing both Reserves and Prems in her first two seasons. An absolute testament to her fitness, strength and determination. You know you have a confident player when the long-standing coach can’t ever remember her not playing on from the mark. Eliza will never let a game go down without a fight and this week was no exception.

An amazing debut Prems performance from Tash Ross goes to prove that a lack of height doesn’t equal a lack of speed – always getting first to the ball and leaving her players in the dust. The ball spent some good quality time in our forward 50 this week, with the forward line really beginning to gel and work with the midfield to push the ball forward. Brave efforts in the midfield by our dichotomous duo Emily “Goodsy” Goode and Emily “Badsy” Collins, who make the opponents see double with their high impact tackles.

It was great to see Sash Dougherty back on the field after a bout of injury and streaming above the pack to take some awesome screamers in front of goals. Some entertaining goals this week with Grace Kendall soccering the ball Messi-style past a very shocked fullback. The standout goal has to go to our humble No.1 Kelly Dungate, whose torp from tight in the pocket would have even made Eddie Betts think twice about having a ping at goals. It had to be seen to be believed.

The Prems were unforgiving this round, not even letting the Bulls score a single goal and walking away with a very solid victory.

1. Kelly Dungate 2 3
16. Sasha Dougherty 1 2
10. Grace Kendall 1 4
24. Clare Woodhouse 1 5
14. Eliza Cole 1
8. Angela Snowdon
9. Shelley Lampard
17. Emily Taylor
19. Cassidy Brown
21. Josephine Brown
22. Nolene Kingi
27. Emma Lipschitz
32. Jessica Stockton
34. Erin O’Connor
43. Emily Collins
53. Emily Goode
63. Kathryn Madden
66. Tahlia Hayes
76. Morgyn McCarthy Harding
78. Freya Summers
81. Atoug Deng

Venue location

Allard Park

Donald St, Brunswick VIC