St Bedes/Mentone Tigers vs Brunswick Renegades

Premier C Women
Score: 49 - 0
1.2-8 1.2-8 4.5-29 7.7-49
Brunswick Brunswick Renegades
0.0-0 0.0-0 0.0-0 0.0-0
Whitefriars Whitefriars
46 - 83
Whitefriars Whitefriars
44 - 71
Old Paradians Old Paradians
17 - 112
St Bedes/Mentone Tigers St Bedes/Mentone Tigers
47 - 31

Match Report

COVID continues to prove it’s an opponent not to be messed with this season, claiming another few rounds and getting everyone’s nomination for the worst and unfairest player in Victoria. The stop/start season affects training and fitness levels, and players struggle to maintain mental stamina.

All the much-needed momentum was lost from the big wins in Rounds 6 and 7. We stepped into Round 10 against St Bedes/Mentone, who currently sit second on the ladder. Playing against such a strong team, the game plan was to make it a tough contest, and for the first three quarters, the prems did just that. Thanks to some incredible defence in the backline, scores were kept within a goal or two for the first half of the game. Kathy did a spectacular job shutting down the efforts of one of their AFLW draftees with great support from her fellow backliners Erin and Josie.

Suppose you are ever looking for our halfback, Tahlia. In that case, you may find them gently floating through the sky like a blimp, taking marks above the pack in the casual style only they can pull off. Even our opponents couldn’t help but be impressed by their skills, presenting them with a bottle of champagne for player of the match.

With the St Bedes ruck standing head and shoulders above our tallest rucks, Eliza and Tags had their work cut out for them battling a formidable opponent. Despite this, both rucks made them earn every contest and never gave up all game. The game was kept in check until the final quarter, when the score started to get away on the Renegades. You would think a team might lower their head after a non-scoring game, but spirits were high knowing they fought hard against a very talented team.

19. Cassidy Brown 1
71. Gemma Costello 2
66. Tahlia Hayes 3
9. Shelley Lampard 4
8. Angela Snowdon 5
1. Kelly Dungate
3. Andie Bleicher
11. Jessica Briggs
14. Eliza Cole
17. Emily Taylor
20. Emma Mactaggart
21. Josephine Brown
22. Nolene Kingi
24. Clare Woodhouse
27. Emma Lipschitz
30. Nicola Mackenzie
34. Erin O’Connor
53. Emily Goode
63. Kathryn Madden
64. Vanessa Lussini
72. Natasha Molent
78. Freya Summers
81. Atoug Deng
97. Katerina Capel

Venue location

Brindisi Street Oval

Mentone Parade and Brindisi Street, Mentone VIC