St Bedes/Mentone Tigers vs Brunswick Renegades

Premier C Women Reserves
Score: 47 - 31
2.0-12 4.5-29 5.5-35 7.5-47
Brunswick Brunswick Renegades
1.2-8 1.3-9 3.6-24 4.7-31
Whitefriars Whitefriars
46 - 83
Whitefriars Whitefriars
44 - 71
Old Paradians Old Paradians
17 - 112
St Bedes/Mentone Tigers St Bedes/Mentone Tigers
49 - 0

Match Report

With no spectators in attendance due to COVID safety restrictions, the Reserves had an unusually quiet entry into the game – but this certainly didn’t appear to affect their opening performance. Skipper Dani Hagan continues to lead by example, scoring some early goals and letting St Bedes know the Renegades meant business. This was backed up by Maddie Lakos, who played the game of their season, getting their hands on the ball at every opportunity.

We saw the power of new recruit Suzie “Nandos” De Abreu get unleashed like the Incredible Hulk steamrolling through her opponents to work the ball down the midfield. Not to be outshone by our little pocket rocket, Han Aulby packed their lunch, took the ball on a 40m run through the midfield, and spliced it into the 50m with incredible confidence and style. Emma Wearmouth controlled the board letting the St Bedes forwards know the ball will “not pass go, and not collect $200” by getting two crucial touches on the line to deny goals.

Great to see Jane-O put her money where her mouth is. All season, Jane has called to be peeled from her long-term role as FB and put into the forward line. She snagged an epic goal in the final quarter, which will earn her bragging rights until at least 2024. A tremendous high scoring game with plenty of action, the Reserves may not have walked away with a win; but they can certainly be proud that they kept at the heels of a powerful opponent.

Additional points should be awarded to all those brave enough to take a deep in the icy cold waters of Bayside. May your recovery efforts be rewarded!

31. Danielle Hagan 2 2
35. Jane Williamson 1
37. Samantha Arthur 1
26. Amy Dillon 1
77. Madeline Lakos 3
93. Kaila Michael 4
36. Kate Sullivan 5
18. Alana Smith
28. Claire Butterly
29. Linda Andersson
39. Hannah Aulby
41. Kate Woolstencroft
42. Julia Kefford
49. Emma Wearmouth
56. Rebecca Mercer
61. Soma Griffin
74. Josephine Marchant
79. Eliza Ryan
80. Samantha Lloyd
84. Rayhna Puche
86. Elizabeth Fitzgerald
90. Meg McNeel
91. Eva Mellors
92. Suzana Almeida De Abreu

Venue location

Brindisi Street Oval

Mentone Parade and Brindisi Street, Mentone VIC