Richmond Central vs Brunswick Renegades

Premier C Women Reserves
Score: 7 - 12
1.0-6 1.0-6 1.0-6 1.1-7
Brunswick Brunswick Renegades
1.0-6 1.1-7 1.2-8 1.6-12
St Mary’s Salesian St Mary’s Salesian
52 - 54
St Mary’s Salesian St Mary’s Salesian
52 - 62
Old Xaverians Old Xaverians
29 - 64
Richmond Central Richmond Central
9 - 11

Match Report

A cold, wet winter’s day reminded players footy wasn’t for the faint-hearted. Wading through a deep pool along the left flank and a mud pit in the midfield – it was always going to be a messy game. But, determined to get a win under their belts, the Reserves took the field with a vengeance and played hard from start to finish.

Co-captain Dani Hagen continued to dominate the field. She had her eyes set firm on the goalposts this weekend, with several shots at goal throughout the game. Tash backed her up and took on the game with some fantastic play-ons and second efforts in the midfield.

Handing over little Lola, one of our favourite Renebabies to the sideline, mother Mad Dog, Kate Sullivan, made her triumphant return to footy. It was absolute magic to see her back in her element, where she was a leader from start to finish. She was back in the midfield in no time, showing the newcomers how it is done.

The team fought hard with Kate “Woolie” Woolstencroft and Sam Arthur chipping away at the scoreboard with important points to ensure the Reserves left the field with their first victory. The celebration coming off the field was ecstatic, and the victory song could be heard from miles around.

31. Danielle Hagan 1 2
71. Gemma Costello 1
93. Kaila Michael 3
72. Natasha Molent 4
36. Kate Sullivan 5
18. Alana Smith
28. Claire Butterly
29. Linda Andersson
32. Jessica Stockton
35. Jane Williamson
37. Samantha Arthur
41. Kate Woolstencroft
42. Julia Kefford
67. Trelawney Skye Edgar
74. Josephine Marchant
77. Madeline Lakos
78. Freya Summers
80. Samantha Lloyd
84. Rayhna Puche
86. Elizabeth Fitzgerald
90. Meg McNeel
91. Eva Mellors

Venue location

Kevin Bartlett Reserve

Yarra Boulevard, Burnley VIC