North Brunswick vs Brunswick Renegades

Premier C Women Reserves
Score: 24 - 36
Brunswick Brunswick Renegades
52 - 67
40 - 54
Williamstown CYMS Williamstown CYMS
88 - 86
North Brunswick North Brunswick
1 - 36

Match Report

It was suns out guns out for the Battle of Brunswick against North Brunswick this weekend. We love a local rivalry, and North Brunswick always puts on a good show and post-game celebration. But, the Renegades were undoubtedly the star performers on the day.

The Reserves were looking strong with the return of some injured players meaning we finally had a nice full bench again. This year, we have some great new talent in the ranks; we loved to see Josie “Buzz” Marchant making a huge impact in the backline, taking some glorious pack marks for the spectators. The Renegade backline is continuing to be something you can set your clock to.

At a cool 180cm, it is no surprise Sam “Lloydy” Lloyd has found herself in the ruck, but she’s proven to be an asset all over the field, streaming through the midfield to kick the first goal and set the pace for the game. Kat “Ratty” Capel set the bar high with three goals by the third quarter and securing a solid lead for the Reserves that was never challenged. Gem Costello brought their usual level of flair to the game, making magic along the wing and midfield with some great link-ups. Kate “Mad Dog” Sullivan, a veteran of the game, again showed that she hasn’t missed a beat. An absolute stand out performance by seasoned Renegade Evie, who is showing some outstanding leadership on the field.

Pressure was the game’s theme, and you could basically hear David Bowie singing as the whistle was blown for the “15th” time against Brunswick North for holding the ball. They just couldn’t compete with us this weekend.

97. Katerina Capel 3 1
31. Danielle Hagan 1
80. Samantha Lloyd 1
71. Gemma Costello 2
74. Josephine Marchant 3
36. Kate Sullivan 4
35. Jane Williamson 5
15. Melissa Everett
26. Amy Dillon
28. Claire Butterly
29. Linda Andersson
39. Hannah Aulby
42. Julia Kefford
49. Emma Wearmouth
61. Soma Griffin
67. Trelawney Skye Edgar
77. Maddie Lakos
79. Eliza Ryan
86. Elizabeth Fitzgerald
90. Meg McNeel
91. Eva Mellors
92. Suzana Almeida De Abreu
93. Kaila Michael

Venue location

Allard Park

Donald St, Brunswick VIC