Brunswick NOBs vs PEGS

Division 1
May 22, 2021, 2:00 pm
Score: 52 - 67
Brunswick Brunswick NOBs
2.2-14 4.3-27 5.4-34 8.4-52
3.3-21 6.6-42 7.10-52 9.13-67
40 - 54
Williamstown CYMS Williamstown CYMS
88 - 86
North Brunswick North Brunswick
1 - 36
North Brunswick North Brunswick
24 - 36

Match Report

Brunswick continue knocking on the door of a win, but for the third game in succession at Gillon Oval it was the away team who had the answers at the pointy end, this time being PEGS, who admitted post-match to receiving a massive scare from our hard-working team.

Played in brilliant sunshine on a firm track, it was a game that again went down to the wire, with the margin a single point midway through the final quarter, before PEGS steadied with late two goals to seal it.

A number of team changes for the usual variety of Amateur football reasons provided opportunities for more debutants, being Jasper Paevere and Paul Scamporlino, whom acquitted themselves well, but the lack of continuity in the playing 22 is making it difficult for coach Tom Hunter to build a winning game style.

Chris Ford was a welcome inclusion and he made an immediate impact with the opening goal in the second minute of the game. When Nick Burgin kicked our second after seven minutes, the signs were promising, but late in the first quarter we relinquished the lead to a coast-to-coast goal after a behind and would not regain it, despite our best efforts.

The second term proved to be critical in the context of the match, as PEGS slotted three of the first four goals to open up a 21-point lead, although Chris Gavaghan and Lewis White were playing brilliant games down back. A James Schmidt major after a 50-metre penalty close to halftime meant we stayed in touch.

For much of the third quarter PEGS held sway, but we did a good job containing their lead, before James Moverley kicked a late goal (again after a 50-metre penalty) to keep us in the game at the final change. Then followed a burst of our best footy for the day, with three good goals in succession – to Schmidt, Scamporlino and Burgin – to make it a one-point game. Unfortunately, this sparked PEGS into action and they responded to take the win.

Gavaghan and White were our best on the day with classy midfielder Matthew Palmer not far behind them. Other midfielders who worked hard all day were Reubin Fulton-Grigg, Rhyen Woods and Burgin, while Dave Marchione was again lively in attack. Indeed, the effort of all our players to keep pressing in trying circumstances is to be lauded.

9. Nicholas Burgin 2 3
5. James Schmidt 2 6
15. David Marchione 1
20. James Moverley 1
22. Chris Ford 1
51. Paul Scamporlino 1
13. Chris Gavaghan 1
1. Matthew Palmer 2
33. Reubin Fulton-Grigg 4
23. Lewis White 5
3. Will McKenzie
4. Maxwell Naughton
8. Benjamin Wilson
10. Aidan Pollock
11. Rhyen Woods
12. Joshua Perez
21. Ben Daly
28. Liam Whelan
29. Evan Mcintyre
32. Daniel Spiers
39. Lucas Iudica
Jasper Paevere

Venue location

Gillon Oval

Pearson St, north of Victoria St, Brunswick VIC