Prahran Assumption vs Brunswick NOBs

Division 1
Score: 142 - 42
Brunswick Brunswick NOBs
Prahran Assumption Prahran Assumption
81 - 33
St Bedes/Mentone Tigers St Bedes/Mentone Tigers
29 - 144
St Bedes/Mentone Tigers St Bedes/Mentone Tigers
16 - 25
St Bedes/Mentone Tigers St Bedes/Mentone Tigers
14 - 29

Match Report

While Prahran Assumption might have been favourites going into Saturday’s game against Brunswick at Toorak Park, no-one could have foreseen a score-line of 15 goals to one midway through the second quarter, particularly not after the NOBs had proven to be very hard to score against in the opening terms of each of the first two rounds. But happen it did, with Prahran playing quite sublime football, hardly missing a target and slotting goals from all angles, while Brunswick were simply overwelmed, especially the defence which was under siege.

The day started badly for Brunswick in the warm-up, losing the important JP Perez and went downhill from there. Adding to our injury woes, Daniel Spiers, another of our best players so far this year, went down with a shoulder early in the second quarter. One positive during that horror period was Dave Marchione’s first goal for the senior club, as he presented as our most likely forward target.

Another positive was that when NOBs supporters’ minds were turning to the prospect of the wrong sort of club records, the players dug deep and started to match Prahran for effort, resulting in a stemming of the tide and goals in the shadows of halftime to Marchione (for his second) and vice-captain James Schmidt.

That improved effort continued in the second half, as the rain arrived and made it harder for Prahran to reproduce their clean ball use of earlier in the game and we looked more comfortable in the wet. The fact that the home team’s full forward had an absolute day out with 13 goals straight also indicated that there wasn’t as much difference between the sides as the scoreboard might have showed.

As hard as days like this one are for a club, they do provide an insight into players who keep trying when the chips are down. Max Naughton was the standout in that regard, while other newcomers in Matthew Palmer and Reubin Fulton-Grigg also showed they have some class and grit about them. Marchione was our best player in the first half and Schmidt also was a presence in the forward line. Others to show something on the day included Chris Gavaghan, James Moverley and Carmine Caruso.

This week we face old rivals Therry Penola back at Gillon Oval in a very important early-season game. Be there as we celebrate Past Players Day with lunch in the renovated Social Club on what promises to be a big day for the club.

15. David Marchione 2 5
5. James Schmidt 2
1. Matthew Palmer 1 2
39. Ben Daly 1
4. Maxwell Naughton 1
33. Reubin Fulton-Grigg 3
13. Chris Gavaghan 4
20. James Moverley 6
2. Carmine Caruso
3. Will McKenzie
8. Ben Wilson
9. Nicholas Burgin
10. Aidan Pollock
11. Rhyen Woods
14. Thomas Wilson
18. Darcy Heenan
24. David Royle
25. Joel Flanigan
29. Evan Mcintyre
30. Jarrod Bye
32. Daniel Spiers
49. Patrick O’Donoghue

Venue location

Toorak Park

Orrong Rd and Fulton St, Armadale VIC