Therry Penola vs NOBSPC

Division 1 Reserves
Score: 72 - 59
Brunswick Brunswick (as NOBSPC)
Therry Penola Therry Penola
129 - 51
Dragons Dragons
191 - 33
Seaford Seaford
7 - 21

Match Report

It was another challenging week for Con’s men, going down narrowly against a strong opponent in Therry Penola. As has been the case most of the season, the boys started slow with Therry kicking the first 3 goals of the game to lead by 18 points at quarter time. The effort and intensity that followed in the third quarter was great as the NOBS kicked 4 goals to bring the margin to just 8 points at half time. The highlight of the quarter, the game, the day and potentially the year was Stuart “Bubsy” Matherson who’s spectacular mark over 3 opponents deep in the forward line had the crowd on their feet.

The backline were solid throughout the first half with Gabe Williams in his first game back, Bones, King, Emmett, Whitworth and Fox repelling a number of Therry attacks. Our midfield also worked tirelessly, shutting down Therry’s run and carry with relentless pressure. Spud, Bubsy, Rapa, King and BJ would have laid 50 tackles between them for the game.

In the second half, under the leadership and brilliance of the great Scott Sleep the forward line got going. Sleepy took matters into his own hands kicking one from 45 out on the boundary while running backwards, prompting the Therry coach to yell out the all too familiar “someone man up the silver fox!!”. Sleep then set up Chiz for an easy conversion inside 50, showing patience and class. Dobbo was busy dishing off goal assists and kicking one himself.

The second half started well but some contentious umpiring saw 2 NOBS get sent off the ground and left us undermanned. Despite this the boys kept fighting all day with Davo and Junior really lifting in the second half to do the hard things for the team. Junior in particular caught Con’s attention, motivating him to scream out from the sidelines, “WELCOME BACK JUNIOR!”.

Unfortunately the hard effort went unrewarded with a well drilled Therry side hanging on for the win on their home turf.

4. Scott Sleep 2
6. Stuart Matheson 1 4
10. Chris Le Maitre 1
7. Jarryd Browne 1
12. Chris Dobson 1
26. Daniel O’Donoghue 1
75. Bodie Chislett 1
42. Michael Rapa 1
33. Cam Fox 2
30. Gabriel Williams 3
19. Christopher Colman 5
38. Sam Davidson 6
5. Brad Holland
34. Danny King
35. Hugh Bismire
48. James Grinter
41. James Wright
43. Thomas Scullie
40. Thomas Emmett
54. Jayson Combridge
59. Marc Whitworth
50. Brenton Lawless

Venue location

John Pascoe Fawkner Reserve

Francis Street and Winifred Street, Oak Park VIC