NOBSPC vs Williamstown CYMS

Division 1 Reserves
Score: 47 - 112
Brunswick Brunswick (as NOBSPC)
3.2-20 3.2-20 7.4-46 7.5-47
3.1-19 9.3-57 11.8-74 17.10-112
Williamstown CYMS Williamstown CYMS
100 - 121
Kew Kew
23 - 81
Kew Kew
87 - 14

Match Report

The reserves side was again undermanned as injury, suspensions and unavailability left Con with only 20 troops to do battle against a Williamstown side second on the the ladder and on top of their game.

The match was off to a good start with NOBs kicking the first two goals of the game (even if the first one did go straight through the points!) as we put Willy on the back foot early. It was again Matheson who got the team going early with his relentless clearance and tackling work in the middle of the ground. Kingy and Brownie also started well, getting the ball going our way in the early part of the game.

As it went on, Williamstown showed their class, making us pay for turnovers with goals into the wind which would later prove hard for us to replicate when kicking down the scoreboard end. Williamstown got on top in the second quarter but the boys did not give up all day with the backline lead by Alex (“the Bull”) Martin fighting hard at every contest and making them earn every kick. Cam Fox was again impressive, putting his body on the line for the team while Nath, Chissy, Rapa and Grints all fighting hard down back despite carrying some injuries between them.

Tom Scullie (broken finger) was injected into the middle, fighting hard along with Spud and Hunts to win the ball and get it moving our way.

At half time, although Williamstown were on top on the scoreboard we felt like we were still in the game. Kingy and later Con asked for two more quarters of effort to finish off the game and make the other team earn every kick.

The third quarter started as the first did, with Nobs scoring the first two goals of the quarter to close the margin to 15 points. Effort was again high in the third quarter, with Nobs fighting hard in the back half of the ground to give the forwards a number of chances. Nick Marchbank rucked well as did Junior when stepping in for the last quarter.

Unfortunately with the injury toll mounting (Tennant hamstring) and the class of Williamstown, the boys could not hold on and were beaten by a better and much fitter team on the day.

A week off should do wonders for a team that is carrying more than a few niggles. The record over the last five rounds is still strong with 4 wins and 1 loss.

A challenge looms after the bye with a top of the table Therry side but Con and his men are up for the challenge.

26. Daniel O’Donoghue 4
33. Cam Fox 1 5
26. Jackson Tennant 1
43. Thomas Scullie 1
5. Alexander Martin 1
6. Stuart Matheson 2
10. Chris Le Maitre 3
34. Danny King 4
42. Michael Rapa 6
7. Jarryd Browne
48. James Grinter
11. Joshua Hunter
19. Christopher Colman
58. Sean Scales
35. Nicholas Marchbank
59. Marc Whitworth
54. Nathan Hrovatin
75. Bodie Chislett
50. Brenton Lawless
21. Sam Morley

Venue location

Gillon Oval

Pearson St, north of Victoria St, Brunswick VIC