Old Mentonians vs NOBSPC

Division 1 Reserves
Score: 53 - 126
Brunswick Brunswick (as NOBSPC)
Old Mentonians Old Mentonians
110 - 121
Dragons Dragons
104 - 0
Kew Kew
68 - 30

Match Report

The reserves showed last week was no fluke, winning again comfortably. With only 19 men, there was a rumour early that Con was going to pull on the boots but common sense prevailed and the boys pushed on, drawing on every ounce of fitness to run out the game with no bench after Jimmy Grinter was “badly” corked.

While Old Mentone kicked the first goal, it was all Nobs after that with the midfield (Emmet, Hunts, Dobbo) getting on top and the U shaped forward line working a charm with plenty of space for the likes of Scullie, Gatto, Hunter and Davidson to work their magic. Scullie’s goal after taking a hanger was reminiscent of his brother in laws later in the day – Eddie Betts. He made sure to remind his opponent, team mates and especially coach of his dominance at every opportunity.

Speaking of brother in laws, Nath Hrovatin was again great off half back, bravely fighting injury but certainly not form as he continues to mount his case for the b&f – thanks Brownie.

In the words of Ross Lyon Stuart “the wrecking ball” Matheson was enormous. Five goals from the middle of the ground in a best on ground performance that was Garry Ablett / Stuart Dew-esk. Goals, tackles, clearances, he was everywhere as he reminds those boys ahead of him in the seniors that he is coming for their spots – he actually did this via text later in the day. So dominant was the man affectionately known as Bubsy’s performance that it lead one un-identified injured Nob* to proclaim “did you see Bubsy today? It was like a fully grown man playing against 12 year old boys!”.

The last quarter was party time, with the coach swinging the changes to find out some more about his players. Marc “Muchacho” Witworth was swung forward with immediate effect… well almost. Con roared “MUCHACHO!!!!” as the big fella steamed out of full forward, only to stop leading suddenly when he realized the ball wasn’t going to hit him on the VAFA logo, prompting him to spray Dobbo for the kick before the ball had even hit the ground. The barrage continued after the game with big Wit making an announcement to the team that he expects better delivery than that.

Micky Rappa was busy as usual after coming straight from Penny Black. Backline solid again with Toose. Cam Fox, Nick Marchbank getting the job done.

A big thank you to the Clubbies players that filled in, much appreciated.

Bring on Yarra Valley!

*quote Chris Horsely

6. Stuart Matheson 5 1
43. Thomas Scullie 3 2
Christopher Gatto 3
11. Joshua Hunter 2 6
38. Sam Davidson 1 3
12. Chris Dobson 1 5
1. Todd MacLeod 1
35. Nicholas Marchbank 1
21. Sam Morley 1
54. Nathan Hrovatin 4
42. Michael Rapa
13. Sam Toose
48. James Grinter
41. James Wright
43. Lachlan Morrison
40. Thomas Emmett
59. Marc Whitworth
Ryan Slack
33. Cam Fox

Venue location

Turner Road Reserve

Turner Road and Tennyson St, Highett VIC