Oakleigh vs Brunswick NOBSPC

Division 1
Score: 125 - 87
Brunswick Brunswick (as Brunswick NOBSPC)
Oakleigh Oakleigh
95 - 69
South Mornington South Mornington
45 - 35
Marcellin Marcellin
11 - 14
Swinburne University Swinburne University
2 - 27

Match Report

What is it about small grounds that vexes Brunswick NOBSPC so much? Similar to the St Mary’s game two weeks ago, we were incapable of countering – or replicating – a simple game plan of straight and quick forward entries against Oakleigh on Saturday.

As was the case the week before against PEGS, by-and-large the effort was there but a combination of a fatal concentration lapse – this time it was from late in the first quarter to halftime when conceding six goals to nil – and not adapting to the ground dimensions meant another gettable four-points went begging.

The frustration of coach Luke Mahoney was palpable as his exhortations to keep it simple on the short WA Scammell Reserve and anticipate the same from the home side were consistently ignored, as the Krushers scored goals with ease by going down the guts while we fiddled in the tight pockets.

Forgive the high degree of angst in this report but when we again have the majority of possession and inside-50s on the day, and again lose, then we must have an old-fashioned “good hard look at ourselves”.

The backline led by the indefatigable Cameron Fox was again valiant but simply couldn’t defend entries coming in so quickly while the forward line was out of sync with the midfield, often leading away from the hotspots. With the amount of contested ball being won, though, things will turn. Hopefully it will be this week against Preston.

Back to the game. The first quarter was a tight tussle played in the wet with both sides appearing evenly matched. The less said about the second term the better.

After the main break, to the players’ credit, they came out and had a real crack. Poor conversion of opportunities was again a killer, but this was mainly due to a failure to attack through the corridor and having shots from the pockets.

The inside-50 count in the second half told the tale. We won it 32-14, for a return of 10.10 as against 11.3. Yes, that is right, the opposition went inside 14 times and kicked 11 goals. That is why coaches go grey.

Our mood was not helped by what could only be described as the strangest goal umpiring decision of all time in the last quarter. With the play in front of the Oakleigh goals, one of their players fisted the ball into the goal square and the ball bobbled around before appearing to be rushed through by our defence. Players from both sides immediately got on with the game and the ball had been marked at centre-half back when it turned out the goal umpire was still making up his mind about what had happened before his eyes. To the utter astonishment of everyone else present, a goal was signalled. Oakleigh later said they would credit it to Maradona, in honour of his famous “Hand of God” goal. At least we could laugh about it, as thankfully it did not impact the result.

Better players on the day included Matt Shannon who kicked six goals from a forward flank (wonder what he could do from full-forward?), 17-year old Dom Sullivan who was a live wire in attack and Damon Byrne, who played his most consistent game for the year.

A huge game awaits us at Gillon on Saturday. See you there.

18. Matthew Shannon 6 2
4. Dominic Sullivan 2 3
14. Damon Byrne 1 1
32. Anthony Argento 1 4
35. Gerrard Bence 1
38. Scott Thomas 1
33. Cam Fox 5
30. Jarrod Bye 6
1. Chris Ford
2. Todd Cleary
11. Geremie Ganino
13. George Hartney
16. Timothy Weaver
21. Lachlan Ezard
23. Lewis White
25. Dean Beaumont
26. Douglas Ford
27. Nikolas Verbeek
31. Adam Oakley
34. Danny King
43. Rick Glover
47. Seamus Whelan

Venue location

W.A. Scammell Reserve

Guest Road, Oakleigh VIC