Therry Penola vs Brunswick NOBSPC

Division 1
Score: 82 - 62
Brunswick Brunswick (as Brunswick NOBSPC)
Therry Penola Therry Penola
73 - 46
St Francis Xavier OC St Francis Xavier OC
129 - 21
Bayswater Bayswater
56 - 15

Match Report

After a week of torrential rain, JP Fawkner Reserve in Oak Park was as patchy as Chris Ford’s facial hair, with several parts of the ground boggy under foot, and others virtually dry. The boys arrived at the ground feeling confident, having beaten Therry Penola twice already this year, and with Danny King playing his 150th game for the club, there was plenty to play for. However, with key players Gerard Bence, Dean Beaumont and Adam Oakley out, and the late withdrawal of Andy Roberts, beating the third placed Therry Penola was always going to be difficult.

The first quarter was a real arm wrestle. Todd Cleary and Daniel Speirs defended manfully and with total disregard for their own safety. It has been said before of Todd that he is ‘as tough as a Monday night steak’, and he proved this time and again backing back into packs and standing in the hole in front of Therry’s key forwards. We went into the first break one point behind, but kicking with a slight breeze in the second.

Most of the second quarter proved equally tight. Jeremy Nettlefold continued his good form, winning clearance after clearance and getting plenty of the ball in general play. Pat Kelly was also back to his best, playing with the combination of skill and determination which make him one of this scribe’s favourite players to pull on the purple. A couple of late goals to Therry saw them go into the long break 6 points ahead, but the mood in the rooms was positive.

Kicking against the wind in the all important ‘premiership quarter’, we found it difficult to create chances and, unfortunately, Therry took most of theirs, extending their lead to an ultimately unassailable four goals. The highlight of the quarter was undoubtedly Dan Mahoney’s Stephen Milne-like goal from the boundary. Dan played a superb game across half-back, linking well and driving the ball forward. He has had a superb debut season at the Gillon and just gets better and better each week.

The game opened up considerably in the last quarter, and to their credit, the boys battled on until the final siren, winning the quarter but ultimately going down by 3 goals. Nettlefold, Mahoney, Kelly, Cleary and Cameron Fox were amongst our best. As was former club captain Simon Harwood, who turned the clock back with a terrific display of ruckwork across the game.

It was yet another honourable loss against a top team, but ultimately, in the words of Terry ‘Plough’ Wallace, ‘Look, [sic.] fantastic effort, but what does a [sic.] fantastic effort get us?’. The improvement has, however, been there week after week, and the boys will get a chance to go the next step this weekend against Old Geelong, and hopefully emulate St Kilda, by beating a more highly fancied rival from down the Princes Freeway. Get to the Gillon this Saturday to cheer them on.

47. Patrick Kelly 2 2
28. Daniel Mahoney 2 5
9. Kyle Adams 2
22. Michael O’Donoghue 1
26. Thomas Goodear 1
38. Kyle Docherty 1
24. Jeremy Nettlefold 1
2. Todd Cleary 3
3. Simon Harwood 4
33. Cam Fox 6
1. Chris Ford
4. Evan Cole
5. James Murfett
13. George Hartney
17. Peter Carter
20. William Jury
21. Lachlan Ezard
34. Danny King
36. James Bell
39. Steven Fennell
44. Daniel Spiers
56. Daniel Carew

Venue location

John Pascoe Fawkner Reserve

Francis Street and Winifred Street, Oak Park VIC