Brunswick Renegades vs Richmond Central

Premier C Women
Score: 38 - 10
Brunswick Brunswick Renegades
West Brunswick West Brunswick
91 - 94
West Brunswick West Brunswick
73 - 36
Richmond Central Richmond Central
0 - 61

Match Report

It was another round of come-back queens this week; Captain Clare Woodhouse is back in action after injury, and a surprise cameo from former player come manager, the flash Loz Hagen! It’s great to see them both back in action and the familiar sounds of Woodhouse choo-choo-chooing through the packs. We love the short burst acceleration these two bring to the game; it makes for exciting footy.

The Prems didn’t fail to deliver when it comes to exciting footy this week. There is nothing quite like the sun shining over Gillon Oval on a warm May afternoon and the crowds that gather to enjoy the atmosphere. It’s great to see former players bringing their new families along to meet their footy family and the locals who have joined in over the years to become part of the Renegade Brigade. Nothing like a home game to make you feel part of a community.

The pzazz we got from the Prems this week is what makes it exciting to watch footy. We are just getting quick 1 – 2’s – Badsy and Erin are giving us the 1-2-3-4 hot potato dance around their opponents, leaving them spinning, wondering where the ball has got to. While we love an action-packed game, there is something in the calm composure that Mon brings to the field that makes you just sit back and watch her work her magic.

By the second quarter, the forwards were in full swing – Kingi had her eyes set fast on the prize, ensuring Renegades were getting an advantage before halftime. A superb snap from deep in the right-wing bending through the goals made the whole crowd feel like a banana smoothie; it was so ripe. Bananas were the flavour of the day, with Mon and August also bending it like Beckham from the wings to give the team some more goal celebrations. August is proving valuable as both a full-forward with plenty of flair, but their ruck work is becoming quite the show stopper.

The prems were well and truly on their way to victory by the second half, Kingi putting away four goals in total. Not bad for a day’s work! That is not to say there wasn’t plenty of work being done outside our 50. The fact that North Richmond were kept to a single goal and some change was all thanks to an absolutely unstoppable backline. Jose (Josie Brown) set up a wall and charged a toll that no Tiger could afford to pass, refusing to let anyone get through to the defensive fifty. Eliza and Tahlia also put up impenetrable defence barriers.

We can only hope that absolute tough nut Larry is singing along with us as we break out into the tubthumping classic “I get knocked down, but I get up again” on her behalf. No matter how hard the knock, she’s back up in a second, hunting her opponent down, ready to give back what she got. Keep it up, Larry; you are an inspiration! What a victory. Celebrations are no doubt on par with the Labour party this weekend.

22. Nolene Kingi 4 4
45. Monica Gray 1 2
70. Augie Ross 1
39. Hannah Aulby 1
46. Isabella Jones 3
8. Angela Snowdon
14. Eliza Cole
16. Sasha Dougherty
21. Josephine Brown
24. Clare Woodhouse
30. Lauren Hagan
33. Larisa-Emanuela Dumitriu
34. Erin O’Connor
43. Emily Collins
50. Lauren Palombi
53. Emily Goode
63. Kathryn Madden
64. Vanessa Lussini
66. Tahlia Hayes
85. Gina Dibenedtto

Venue location

Gillon Oval

Pearson St, north of Victoria St, Brunswick VIC