Brunswick Renegades vs North Brunswick

Premier C Women
Score: 75 - 2
Brunswick Brunswick Renegades
Yarra Old Grammarians Yarra Old Grammarians
71 - 108
Yarra Old Grammarians Yarra Old Grammarians
39 - 116
North Brunswick North Brunswick
11 - 7

Match Report

Nothing beats that first home game feeling, and conditions couldn’t have been more perfect for the battle of Brunswick in round three against North Brunswick. There was a special buzz in the air with an earlier than normal match so Reno’s could make their way to beloved player/committee member Vanessa ‘Goose’ Lussini’s and Grace’s (is this Renos No.1 WAG?) long-awaited wedding. Couldn’t have picked a more beautiful day for it! Congratulations, love birds!

The Prems started out strong with a fantastic link-up between Mon Gray and GK (Grace Kendall), who put one through the sticks in the first few minutes and set the pace for the game. The forwards were working like clockwork, with Kingi following through with another goal within a few minutes. She is dangerous wherever she is on the field, but Mon sure knows how to bring the magic as a half-forward, swooping in and scooping up the ball like a hawk and sending it through goals like an absolute pro.

Great to have Palombi back and taking centre stage, nabbing herself two goals in the first quarter and another in the second quarter. The forwards were having a field day with the goals peppering through, but none of it would be possible without the hardworking midfield making sure the Sherrin never made it into defence. Hats off to the absolute athleticism of Maddie Lakos, who continues to play out two games each week like they might be the last games of footy they will ever play. Absolutely relentless in attack and defence. Llody is also setting the bar high with 4hrs of back-to-back footy in the ruck and brushing it off like it is all in a day’s work.

MC Hammer (Marie Claire) is in the hooooouse this season, bringing a huge game kicking a goal from 45m out in her third game of footy. We love to see it. And we love to see Goodsy slipping into the forwards for a quarter and giving us an absolute banana bender from the notoriously dead right pocket of Gillon. Who would have thought?! Qantas flight 747 has come cruising in with Tahlia getting plenty of air time, taking some absolute HANGERS in half-back. This time Tahlia wasn’t just giving us game-saving marks in the backline; they also served some golden sideline entertainment with one of the biggest bumps we’ve seen this season, sending their player into 2025. Topping off their show-stopping performance with their first goal with the club after years spent protecting the backline. Proving once again that backliners make great forwards.

Too many goals to name them all and star performances all over the field. The prems remained graceful in their big win over our northside neighbours, walking away not a single goal against them thanks to our famously stubborn backline not letting anything get past them unchecked.

50. Lauren Palombi 3 4
45. Monica Gray 2 2
22. Nolene Kingi 2
96. Mary Claire Geneau 1 1
66. Tahlia Hayes 1 3
10. Grace Kendall 1
53. Emily Goode 1
8. Angela Snowdon 5
9. Shelley Lampard
11. Jessica Briggs
20. Emma Mactaggart
21. Josephine Brown
34. Erin O’Connor
40. Emily Molnar
43. Emily Collins
46. Isabella Jones
48. Joanne Quimada
63. Kathryn Madden
71. Gemma Costello
77. Maddie Lakos
80. Samantha Lloyd
95. Gabrielle Milton

Venue location

Gillon Oval

Pearson St, north of Victoria St, Brunswick VIC