Bulleen Templestowe vs Brunswick U19s

U19 Division 4
Score: 23 - 152
Brunswick Brunswick U19s
Glen Eira Glen Eira
106 - 94
Glen Eira Glen Eira
73 - 68
North Brunswick North Brunswick
2 - 116
North Brunswick North Brunswick
11 - 3

Match Report

A 2.00 pm start, a 20 degree day and the long wide expanses of the Ted Ajani football ground greeted the U19s for round 5. Welcoming back into the team from 2018 were Stefan Stengerherlin and Jack Ludeman. The instructions were to play both sides of the ground and not get trapped onto the southern flat wing. Given the wide expanses players were instructed to switch the ball back into the corridor and take risks.

First quarter and opened up with the ruck and centre bounce contest being even with Will Mc Kenzie, Tahj Haddock and Archie Fulton Gregg working hard again the bigger Bullant combination. The play was even throughout the quarter, although wasteful from both teams with both teams peppering the goals. Backline with Captain Jack Sabatino (or should that be Sparrow?) and Jasper Paevere (Japalenko!) were excellent in defence finding leads from both fast and slow breaks from full back. Hamish Ramsay and Nick Bendall (Uni blacks) across the half backline with Eric Newgreen and Carl Marchione provided pin point passes across the ground. Goals were hard to come by, but Alexander Rusden and Gus Coverdale eventually finding the major’s on only two occasions (blazing away) with the quarter time scores being wasteful.

Games stats by “Stan the statistician” (Anthony Sabatino):

  • Inside 50s: 12
  • Marks: 26
  • Handballs: 14
  • Tackles 10

Quarter time: 2.5-17 to the Bullants 1.3-9.

Second quarter and the flood gates started to open as the Brunswick boys started well in the centre while the half back line was well under control Eric, Jasper, Alexander Georgopolulos and Hamish repelling the Bullants attack. The forwards worked well with goals to Alex Avraam, Mathis Foley, Gus Coverdale and Shannon Gill. The move of Stefan into the ruck proved a master stroke by Coach Ross, with last year’s CHF dominating the hit outs, which gave the forwards first option. The backline although under pressure repelled numerous entries from the Bullants without allowing the opposition a single behind.

  • Inside 50s: 17
  • Marks: 19
  • Handballs: 22
  • Tackles: 11

Half time: Brunswick 7.13-55 to Bullants 1.4-10.

Changes at half time were Brandon Ellis (Uni black) from HBF to the forward line, Jack Ludeman to wing, Hamish Ramsay to HFF and Will McKenzie back into the ruck and Stefan to CHF with Gus Coverdale to the forward pocket. Winning out of the centre proved the deciding factor in the quarter and a further 6 goals were scored, being Coverdale (4) and two (2) long bombs from CHF from Stefan (a third attempt hit the top of the post from 55m out!). The backline again kept the Bullants to zip for the quarter. What was pleasing was the ability of all players to continue to switch the play and create another avenue into the forward line! Forwards were wasteful with not kicking to the “top of the square” and Bullants repelling the entries.

  • Inside 50s: 19
  • Marks: 20
  • Handballs: 23
  • Tackles: 9

Third quarter 13.17-95 to 1.4-10.

Given the lead fourth quarters can be problematic with concentration levels falling and fatigue setting in. The instruction were to play the game out, not be second to the ball and risk injury. The players didn’t disappoint! The team finished off with majors to Alex Rusjen (3) – (who must have taken 15 marks for the day!) and Brandon Ellis (2), Mathias Foley (2) and Alexander Georgopoulos (1).

  • Inside 50s: 19
  • Marks: 23
  • Handballs: 23

The Bullants also played out the game scoring two further goals with the final scores being 22.20-152 to 3.5-23.

Final: Inside 50’s (67) for 42 shots or 65% which is very good: Handballs (84) and marks (88), while tackle count (KPI of 15-20 per quarter) was down given the dominance of the play.

Overall: Excellent team effort across the whole ground by all players. Although the margin was significant it was never a game played in only one half of the ground. The large ground gave both teams plenty of space in which to play out the game.

Next week: Top side Peninsula at Gillon.

3. Angus Coverdale 6 5
12. Matthias Foley 5
Alexander Rusjan 4
Stefan Stangherlin 2 2
Brandon Ellis 2
8. Alexander Avraam 1 1
39. Archie Fulton-Grigg 1 6
2. Shannon Gill 1
Hamish Ramsay 3
5. Will McKenzie 4
1. Tahj Haddock
10. Carl Marchione
16. Jasper Paevere
17. Alexander Georgopoulos
18. Jack Sabatino
21. Patrick Boreham-Delaney
22. Declan Sparrow
26. James Kharma
27. Tobias Neal
28. Erik Newgreen
Jack Ludeman
Nicholas Bendall
Dion Choong

Venue location

Ted Ajani Reserve

284 Thompsons Rd, Lower Templestowe VIC