Brunswick NOBs vs Hawthorn Amateurs

Division 2
Score: 103 - 30
Brunswick Brunswick NOBs
5.3-33 8.13-61 12.15-87 14.19-103
3.0-18 4.2-26 4.3-27 4.6-30
Hawthorn Amateurs Hawthorn Amateurs
139 - 19
Therry Penola Therry Penola
135 - 8
Yarra Old Grammarians Yarra Old Grammarians
3 - 24

Match Report

After the run-and-gun football of the previous week, Brunswick NOBs found the going a lot harder on Saturday against relegation-bound Hawthorn Amateurs, but still managed a comfortable victory to end up with a home-and-away record of 13 wins and three losses for the season.

Perhaps it was the effect of playing on the heavy Gillon Oval two weeks straight, or a few injuries creeping in, or maybe even thoughts were being cast to what lies in front of them, but the NOBs were decidedly lacklustre against an opposition who came out to play with nothing to lose, especially early in the game.

Early in the first term it was a goal-for-goal affair, before Snowy Adkins started to turn on a one-man show up forward to us give a handy buffer approaching quarter-time. In fact, with three goals to his name the question was being asked whether Snowy could replicate his bag of 10 from when the two teams met in round 7.

A goal to the Hawks late in the opening quarter gave them a bit of hope and, when they slotted another in the first 90 seconds of the second term, which reduced the margin to nine points, they were up-and-about. However, that proved to be a false dawn as the visitors would only add a further six behinds for the remainder of the match.

While we proceeded to absolutely dominate possession and inside-50s for the rest of the second quarter, a return of 3.10 was disappointing, especially as a number of missed chances were relatively straightforward, and at the main break the NOBs’ brains trust had some thinking to do about how to better structure-up the forward line.

The third quarter again saw the game mainly played in our half and the best answer to the structural conundrum was probably provided by the veteran Chris Ford, who took his personal tally to four goals simply by presenting himself as a viable target. Two other veterans, Co-President Jarryd Browne and 150-gamer Kyle Adams, also showed how to slot them, much to the delight of the crowd.

The legs of the players from both sides were heavy in the last term and, mercifully, it only ran to 24 minutes, highlighted by two goals to Snowy to give him a (half) bag of five. The pattern of the quarter was that we won the ball in the centre or on half-back, chipped it around a bit and then kicked it inside-50 where a Hawthorn defender would mark it. It was not unlike circle work. Nevertheless, the four points were banked and when we face Whitefriars in a fortnight this game will be a distant memory.

David Royle’s rich vein of form continued in the ruck. His clean skills, especially by foot, are proving to be real weapon. Having been moved to the midfield to cover for injuries, Luka Vlassopoulos ran hard all day and was very good. Snowy was again a livewire, even if a little quiet through the middle of the game. Our defenders were, on the whole, excellent and it was pleasing to see Tom O’Sullivan return to the side and play with real composure, alongside James Octigan, Jed Carey and Sean Gales, in particular.

Our second bye has fallen at perfect time as injuries have started to mount. We can now freshen up and recuperate for the second-semi. Exciting times indeed.

21. Jacob Adkins 5 4
3. Chris Ford 4
24. David Royle 1 1
7. Jarryd Browne 1
9. Kyle Adams 1
11. Geremie Ganino 1
20. Michael O’Donoghue 1
43. Tom O’Sullivan 2
48. James Octigan 3
1. Jed Carey 5
6. Matthew Brown 6
5. James Schmidt
8. Benjamin Wilson
12. Joshua Perez
16. Sean Gales
17. Luka Vlassopoulos
18. Darcy Heenan
27. Nikolas Verbeek
28. Liam Whelan
32. Anthony Argento
49. Patrick O’Donoghue
Nicholas Burgin

Venue location

Gillon Oval

Pearson St, north of Victoria St, Brunswick VIC