NOBSPC vs Mazenod

Premier C
Score: 19 - 73
Brunswick Brunswick (as NOBSPC)
1.2-8 2.7-19 2.7-19 2.7-19
2.0-12 4.2-26 8.2-50 11.7-73
Mazenod Mazenod
23 - 34
St Kevins OB St Kevins OB
66 - 42

Match Report

How about the weather on Saturday? The finishing touches to a fairly wet week were made to the good ol’ Gillon Oval on Saturday morning. The Reserves game was placed in simply atrocious conditions. Biting cold, and consistent heavy rain made the ground turn to slush.

By the time the Seniors game began, the rain had more or less stopped. However, that was the only concession made to spectator and player comfort. Simply put: the day was wet, cold, muddy and a GREAT DAY FOR FOOTBALL!

The wet conditions were always going to have an impact on the way the game was played. No need for silky skills on Saturday, just get the ball, move it forward and get it through the sticks.
Unlike last week, the Nobbers started well. Mazenod finished slightly in front (2.0 to 1.2), but on the ground, it was (quite literally thanks to the mud) hard to separate both sides.

Mazenod maintained their lead in Q2 (4.2 to 2.7) but really, this game was in the balance as the 2 sides went to the dressing rooms to defrost. The second half saw Mazenod power away kicking 7.5 to 0.0. A couple of injuries to key players during the game did not help the Nobbers chances in the second half but this was a disappointing end to what was otherwise an excellent first half.

Best ‘fat lip award of 2012’ went to Chris Ford and ‘Most Hypothermic Award’ was easily won by Matt Keown who very nearly froze to death.

Thanks to the supporters who turned up to brave the elements, including Macca’s mum and dad (Goldie and Neil) who came up from Warrnambool on their way to Bali.

42. Mark Dunlop 1 4
4. Scott Sleep 1
19. Nicholas Thomas 1
20. Chris Horsley 2
25. Dean Beaumont 3
5. Christian Ryan 5
40. Timothy Weaver 6
1. Josh Cassell
3. Chris Ford
6. Todd Patterson
8. Matt Keown
12. Jeremy Nettlefold
14. Todd Cleary
16. Tim Brady
18. James Lamb
21. Lachlan Ezard
22. Michael O’Donoghue
24. Samuel Playfair
26. Jackson Tennant
29. Andrew McPherson
36. Daniel Tonkin
50. Rajiv Nair

Venue location

Gillon Oval

Pearson St, north of Victoria St, Brunswick VIC