Premier C
Score: 111 - 51
7.4-46 10.4-64 14.6-90 17.9-111
Brunswick Brunswick (as NOBSPC)
2.1-13 2.2-14 5.3-33 8.3-51
84 - 60
Thirds Men

Match Report

NOBS/St Pat’s travelled to PEGs’ home ground for their Round 12 clash. PEGS are travelling well this year and are currently in 4th place (separated from Banyule only by percentage).

For those of you who have not been to PEGS’ home ground before, it’s located smack bang in the middle of the north-south flight path to Melbourne airport. And let me tell you, yesterday must have been a busy day at Tullamarine!

The first quarter was dominated by the home team, which kicked 7.4 to 2.1. On a wet and slippery day (it was especially slippery in the middle), this was effectively a match winning performance. From that point on, the game tightened up considerably. The light drizzle turned into rain and by the third quarter, the conditions were unpleasant for spectators and simply miserable for players and officials. Like the rain, the goals kept coming but the Nobbers never really went away either.

The flood of goals that PEGs threatened to kick (after Q1) didn’t materialise and it was pleasing to see the Nobbers hang in there for the following three quarters and make a game of it.

Best on ground for Nobbers were Brady, Cleary, Ford, McPherson, Dunlop and Beaumont. Best on the sideline were Sheppo and Dutch who were both inspirational in the 3rd quarter. Even a geriatric PEGs player congratulated your correspondent on their barracking. Well done lads.

We should also mention that there was great support for the Nobbers on the day. Many of our supporters made the journey on a pretty ordinary day – thank you to all who attended. It was very much appreciated.

5. Christian Ryan 2
28. Tom Murfett 2
3. Chris Ford 1 5
4. Scott Sleep 1
19. Nicholas Thomas 1
20. Chris Horsley 1
25. Dean Beaumont 1
14. Todd Cleary 2
29. Andrew McPherson 3
42. Mark Dunlop 4
16. Tim Brady 6
1. Josh Cassell
2. Jarrod Wade
6. Todd Patterson
8. Matt Keown
12. Jeremy Nettlefold
21. Lachlan Ezard
22. Michael O’Donoghue
36. Daniel Tonkin
40. Timothy Weaver
47. Patrick Kelly
54. Lachlan McCann

Venue location

PEGS Sporting Fields

127 Wright Road, Keilor Park VIC