2021 Division 1

Senior Ladder

W L % Pts
Old Camberwell 10 1 165.65 40
Whitefriars 10 1 162.63 40
Kew 9 2 142.14 36
Prahran Assumption 7 4 118.60 28
St Mary's Salesian 5 6 88.96 20
Therry Penola 5 6 78.49 20
PEGS 4 7 100.72 16
Peninsula 3 8 67.90 12
Oakleigh 2 9 76.60 8
0 11 58.41 0

Round 1

1.1-7 6.2-38 10.5-65 14.11-95
Brunswick Brunswick NOBs
0.1-1 0.1-1 1.2-8 4.3-27

Back in Division One, it always promised to be a daunting first round assignment for Brunswick against a team coming down from Premier C, in the form of Old Camberwell Grammarians whom we had not met for many years, and so it proved. The weather gods were not kind either, with the game played in conditions varying from swirling winds to sheeting, sideways rain.

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Round 2

Brunswick Brunswick NOBs
2.3-15 3.4-22 3.5-23 6.5-41
1.1-7 4.4-28 10.6-66 13.9-87

On a perfect day for football Brunswick NOBs made their long-awaited return to Gillon Oval against another tough opponent in Kew, who, after a tight first half, were able to put the game away in the "premiership quarter".

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Round 3

8.4-52 15.6-96 17.9-111 22.10-142
Brunswick Brunswick NOBs
1.0-6 3.2-20 4.5-29 6.6-42

While Prahran Assumption might have been favourites going into Saturday’s game against Brunswick at Toorak Park, no-one could have foreseen a score-line of 15 goals to one midway through the second quarter, particularly not after the NOBs had proven to be very hard to score against in the opening terms of each of the first two rounds. But happen it did.

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Round 4

Brunswick Brunswick NOBs
1.3-9 5.6-36 9.10-64 14.13-97
5.6-36 9.7-61 10.9-69 14.14-98

What a day that was. Past North Old Boys players had returned to Gillon Oval in their numbers, packing out the Social Club for lunch. Outside the day was idyllic, with a strong crowd ringing the ground and creating a real community footy atmosphere. But it was the game of football between two old neighbourhood foes in Brunswick and Therry which made it truly memorable.

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Round 5

4.3-27 6.9-45 13.11-89 18.12-120
Brunswick Brunswick NOBs
1.1-7 2.1-13 4.4-28 5.8-38

It was a tough day at the office for Brunswick at Whitefriars in the Division Two grand final replay. A spate of injuries resulted in nine forced changes to the team that went so close against Therry the week before, leaving only eight players from the 2019 GF side to take the field at Donvale.

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Round 6

Brunswick Brunswick NOBs
4.3-27 6.3-39 7.4-46 8.4-52
3.1-19 5.6-36 5.9-39 7.12-54

Ouch! That hurt. After the heartbreak of the one-point loss to Therry a fortnight ago, it looked like Brunswick had done enough to hold on at Gillon Oval on Saturday before lightning did strike twice in the form of a goal to St Mary's with 30 seconds left on the clock to deny us of our first win for the season. Talk about character building - this was cruel.

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Round 7

Brunswick Brunswick NOBs
2.2-14 4.3-27 5.4-34 8.4-52
3.3-21 6.6-42 7.10-52 9.13-67

Brunswick continue knocking on the door of a win, but for the third game in succession at Gillon Oval it was the away team who had the answers at the pointy end, this time being PEGS, who admitted post-match to receiving a massive scare from our hard-working team.

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Round 10

Brunswick Brunswick NOBs
2.1-13 4.2-26 5.5-35 6.10-46
3.2-20 5.5-35 10.9-69 12.11-83

Sitting at the foot of the Division One ladder with a duck egg in the win column at the mid-way point of the season, Brunswick might be expected to lack a degree of enthusiasm and belief, but that could not be further from the truth. Instead they are a team which gives total effort, is well coached and plays some good footy. Unfortunately, against second-placed Whitefriars at Gillon Oval on Saturday it was a lack of polish that told in the end, but the overriding feeling after the game was that the NOBs are on track for a much more successful second half of the season.

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Round 11

1.2-8 6.4-40 11.6-72 15.10-100
Brunswick Brunswick NOBs
2.5-17 4.7-31 8.9-57 12.12-84

Saturday’s game against St Mary’s Salesian at Ferndale Park followed a familiar script – a winnable game with lengthy periods of domination without due reward, followed by lapses in which the opposition kicked a succession of goals that were enough to deprive us of the precious four points.

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Round 12

Brunswick Brunswick NOBs
2.2-14 2.3-15 5.4-34 8.4-52
2.0-12 7.7-49 9.9-63 10.11-71

Up against top-of-the-ladder Old Camberwell on Saturday at a bitterly cold Gillon Oval, Brunswick again acquitted themselves well, but couldn't get over the line. Sharp-eyed observers would have recognised some parallels to the week before at St Mary's, as the NOBs kicked the first two goals of the game, before conceding a critical five in the second quarter.

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Round 15

4.5-29 5.8-38 10.12-72 10.16-76
Brunswick Brunswick NOBs
0.1-1 0.5-5 2.5-17 6.13-49

There were a number of positives for the Brunswick NOBs on Saturday. For starters, they were lucky enough to be back playing footy on an excellent surface on a pleasant day at picturesque Peninsula Grammar. Unfortunately, there were also some negatives, in the form of a disappointing performance from the seniors, who were jumped by a more switched-on home side early and couldn’t get going until it was too late.

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