2019 U19 Division 4

U19 Ladder

Williamstown CYMS153252.2560
Melbourne High School125206.3952
De La Salle97130.6944
St Kevins OB11779.0444
Brunswick FC98120.0240
St Bedes/Mentone Tigers41378.9820
South Melbourne Districts21434.3416
La Trobe University21533.2412
Therry Penola11532.7612
Bulleen Templestowe1627.164

Round 1

Brunswick FC Brunswick FC0.3-31.5-112.6-182.7-19
Monash Blues Monash Blues2.3-155.6-369.8-6212.12-84

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Round 2

Brunswick FC Brunswick FC0.0-00.2-20.3-30.3-3
St Bernards St Bernards6.7-4311.12-7815.19-10922.24-156

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Round 3

De La Salle De La Salle4.5-296.8-449.13-679.17-71
Brunswick FC Brunswick FC0.0-03.3-213.3-217.6-48

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Round 4

Brunswick FC Brunswick FC1.0-65.1-315.2-327.3-45
Old Paradians Old Paradians4.3-275.4-349.7-6111.8-74

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Round 5

De La Salle De La Salle2.6-185.7-375.12-429.18-72
Brunswick FC Brunswick FC0.1-14.6-305.7-378.14-62

VAFA regrading has moved our U19s from Division 3 to the Division 4 competition starting Round 5.

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Round 6

Bulleen Templestowe Bulleen Templestowe1.3-91.4-101.4-103.5-23
Brunswick FC Brunswick FC2.5-177.13-5513.18-9622.20-152

A 2.00 pm start, a 20 degree day and the long wide expanses of the Ted Ajani football ground greeted the U19s for round 5. Welcoming back into the team from 2018 were Stefan Stengerherlin and Jack Ludeman. The instructions were to play both sides of the ground and not get trapped onto the southern flat wing. Given the wide expanses players were instructed to switch the ball back into the corridor and take risks.

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Round 7

Brunswick FC Brunswick FC3.6-244.7-316.8-448.11-59
Peninsula Peninsula3.2-208.6-549.11-6514.19-103

Facing a top side and on the home ground at the "G", what could we expect after last week's big win? We had a narrow loss the week before to De La Salle and the form was very good. The ladder told a familiar story with the Pirates having won 5, but none of their opposition were in the four! Could an upset be on the cards?

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Round 8

La Trobe University La Trobe University2.5-173.5-233.10-285.10-40
Brunswick FC Brunswick FC2.2-149.5-5913.7-8518.12-120

A full side today with 6 on the bench meant the players rotations were going to be important to keep the pressure on the new U19 La Trobe Uni team.

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Round 9

Brunswick FC Brunswick FC1.2-82.6-182.7-194.10-34
Melbourne High School Melbourne High School3.2-204.4-284.8-326.8-44

A damp and sticky Gillon Oval greeted both sides for Round 9 which was going to be a hit out against another top 4 team.

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Round 10

Therry Penola Therry Penola1.1-71.4-102.6-185.12-42
Brunswick FC Brunswick FC1.2-85.6-366.9-458.9-57

With a wet week across the metropolitan area, the conditions at Therry were always going to be testing, with a water-logged ground and the cricket pitch to contend with.

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Round 11

St Bedes/Mentone Tigers St Bedes/Mentone Tigers2.5-172.6-183.9-274.12-36
Brunswick FC Brunswick FC1.2-87.2-448.2-5010.3-63

The odd alignment of the Mentone Ground (north-west-south-east) coupled with the strong north-westerly gale (10 goal) greeted the players, but the deck was firm and the only constraint to deal with was the ubiquitous muddy cricket wicket. The issue was going to be at what time during the game would the weather close in and the storm arrive? The radar said 12.30.

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Round 13

Brunswick FC Brunswick FC4.0-248.4-5211.7-7314.7-91
St Kevins OB St Kevins OB1.1-72.3-154.4-286.6-42

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Round 14

Mazenod Mazenod3.5-234.8-325.9-397.12-54
Brunswick FC Brunswick FC2.2-1410.6-6613.9-8720.14-134

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Round 15

Brunswick FC Brunswick FC1.4-104.7-318.15-638.16-64
St Bedes/Mentone Tigers St Bedes/Mentone Tigers2.0-123.2-204.2-266.5-41

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Round 16

Melbourne High School Melbourne High School2.3-154.6-306.9-458.13-61
Brunswick FC Brunswick FC3.3-216.4-407.6-489.6-60

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Round 17

Brunswick FC Brunswick FC6.2-389.7-6114.14-9819.21-135
Therry Penola Therry Penola1.0-61.0-61.1-71.2-8

With the end of the season very near, the equation to be resolved is two wins from the last two games. If Peninsula (top) beats St. Kevins (5th), our team has a chance to finish 6th and in the finals which would be a great turnaround from last year's experience.

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Round 18

Brunswick FC Brunswick FC3.4-225.6-368.10-5811.11-77
De La Salle De La Salle2.2-146.4-407.6-4810.8-68

A bright sunny Gillon Oval greeted the players, just recently rolled to smooth out irregularities after last 4 weeks of wet conditions. Although the northeasterly wind (not breeze) at 20 knots swept across the ground, which would make for trying conditions that influenced scoring opportunities throughout the day. For Brunswick to sneak into the final 6, the team had to win and hope that St. Bedes (8th) would beat St. Kevins (6th) at home.

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