Brunswick Renegades vs Mazenod

Premier B Women
Score: 30 - 9
Brunswick Brunswick Renegades
Bulleen Templestowe Bulleen Templestowe
43 - 105
Bulleen Templestowe Bulleen Templestowe
11 - 108
Old Xaverians Old Xaverians
73 - 70
Mazenod Mazenod
8 - 14

Match Report

The Renegades faced off against Mazenod on a glorious, sunny day that was perfect for football. The Renegades were coming off a win in Hawthorn the previous Saturday, and they knew they were up against a quick, competitive team in Mazenod. Despite the tough opposition, the Reno’s came out firing in the first quarter, with Bella leading the way with her defensive rucking, Eliza kicking through the congestion. Larry continued her powerhouse performance from Round 2 running circles around the Nodder’s. Captain Housey’s clearance was a crucial move for the Reno’s to get an early score. New recruit Jo had the side lines cheering as she side stepped her way through the middle of Gillon taking on three players.

The second quarter saw some great plays by Hagan with a goal early on, Palombi kept the game flowing with continuous kicks out of congestion. Jo’s speed and chase down with an epic tackle was a holding the ball penalty that Brunswick needed to get doing in the second quarter. The Reno’s are starting to gel from one end to the other, Goose’s break away tackle and handball to Winnie, along with Em’s steal from behind and kick forward is exactly what the team has been working on during training.

In the third quarter, House continued to win majority of the ball up clearances, with Mae playing dangerously between the forward line and mid field, her contested marks helped push the game the Reno’s way. Larry continued the flare with an epic pick up in congestion and kick into the forward 50, Dani Hagan scored with a toe tap goal that would make the highlight reel for season 2023. A smother from Jose closed the the third with the Renegade’s up by 14 points.

The Renegade’s fourth quarter was full of exciting plays, starting with House’s tap on to advantage, which she ran onto and kicked with precision. Kingi then came up with a big mark, showing incredible athleticism and skill under pressure. Palombi’s one-handed pick up, duck and weave, and perfect hit up to Larry in the middle was a sight to behold. Goose backed it up by kicking a near perfect kick hitting up full forward Dani Hagan. Augie and Mae were unstoppable in the forward line and midfield, switching the play on Mazenod with ease and dominating the returns. The Nodder’s were left frustrated and floundering as they faced the formidable wall that the Renegade’s had built, keeping the ball contained in the Reno’s attacking end. Augie and Mae’s skill and precision were on full display, leaving the opposition scrambling to keep up. It was a sight to behold and a key factor in the Renegade’s impressive win. But perhaps the biggest moment of the quarter (and the game) came from Grace Kendall, who scored a massive goal that brought the crowd to its feet. Her incredible skills and determination were on full display as she took on the opposition and delivered a perfect kick that sailed through the posts.

In the end, the Renegade’s impressive performance resulted in a well-deserved victory over Mazenod. The team showed great teamwork and individual skills throughout the game, with many players making important contributions to the win. Despite the tough competition, the Renegade’s remained focused and determined, ultimately coming out on top. It was a thrilling game of football, and the Renegade’s fans couldn’t be happier with the result. We love a home game!

31. Danielle Hagan 2
15. Gabrielle Milton 1 4
10. Grace Kendall 1
34. Wyinta Cengiz-Mawson 1
4. Jolyn Collins 2
33. Larisa-Emanuela Dumitriu 3
50. Lauren Palombi 5
5. Rubee-Leigh Poata
9. Emily Molnar
12. Morgyn McCarthy Harding
13. Samantha Lloyd
14. Eliza Cole
18. Alana Smith
21. Josephine Brown
22. Nolene Kingi
24. Clare Woodhouse
37. Mae Lesley-Otti
46. Isabella Jones
53. Emily Goode
57. Jasmine Stiff
59. Augie Ross
64. Vanessa Lussini

Venue location

Gillon Oval

Pearson St, north of Victoria St, Brunswick VIC