Brunswick Renegades vs Mazenod

Premier B Women Reserves
Score: 8 - 14
Brunswick Brunswick Renegades
Bulleen Templestowe Bulleen Templestowe
43 - 105
Bulleen Templestowe Bulleen Templestowe
11 - 108
Old Xaverians Old Xaverians
73 - 70
Mazenod Mazenod
30 - 9

Match Report

The Brunswick Renegades reserve side took on Mazenod Saturday afternoon. A sunny day got the spectators out early and what a game it was! Both teams played exceptionally well, making it an enjoyable and exciting match. The first quarter was an even split with both teams pushing hard to gain the upper hand. Smitty was up and about early with great second efforts, and Lizzo’s great tackles stopped the opposition several times. First gamer Darcy learned a new rule while on the field, and had a dominating first quarter. On the other end of the spectrum was a couple of veterans in Mad Dog and Pup, both with some amazing kicks clearing the ball out of the pack. JB scored a magnificent goal for the Renegades, bringing the score to 1-1 7 to 1-2 8. A memorable Mad Dog moment in the final minutes of the first term was a great save, stopping the ball right in front of the goal in a big pack.

In the second quarter, Elsie put in an incredible run through and intercept, while Darcy kept up the fight with some fancy footwork sporting a natural pick-up on the run and kick. The umpire might not have been impressed with Laura and Maddie’s tackles, but we certainly were! And when Elsie broke away through the middle with a brilliant run and kick, the crowd went wild. Training is starting to pay off for the Renegades with some smooth handball work from Lydia Slay Bell to Lizzo on to Kayla. Although there were know scores this quarter, the Renegades kept the pressure on, and their opponents knew they were in for a tough second half.

The third quarter was tense, with both teams putting in a cracking effort. Maddog’s kick out of the first ruck was top-notch, and Maddy showed some serious grit with her pressure and chase. Amy D cam through spoiling a mark and running through for a kick. The score at the end of the quarter was 1-1 7 to 2-2 14, and the Renegades were determined to make a comeback.

In the fourth and final quarter, Elsie continued her stellar efforts playing on ball and never giving up, Kayla showed some serious second and third efforts, while Pup took on half of Mazenod with a great run and tackle. Our back liner Meg took an unbelievable mark against two opposition players before making a giant kick into the 50.

Overall, the Renegades played an awesome game of footy, and the opponents from Mazenod were a pleasure to play against. The crowd was on the edge of their seats and loved every minute. Well done to the Renegades on a fantastic performance.

29. Lydia Bell 1
52. Elsie Daddow 1
3. Amy Dillon 2
38. Laura Geissler 3
90. Meg McNeel 4
36. Kate Sullivan 5
11. Jessica Briggs
13. Samantha Lloyd
18. Alana Smith
27. Niamh Moynihan
39. Darcy O’Connell
49. Kiah Pearce
67. Trelawney Skye Edgar
74. Josephine Marchant
77. Maddie Lakos
85. Gina Dibenedtto
86. Elizabeth Fitzgerald
93. Kaila Michael

Venue location

Gillon Oval

Pearson St, north of Victoria St, Brunswick VIC