St Bedes/Mentone Tigers vs Brunswick Renegades

Premier B Women Reserves
Score: 33 - 14
Brunswick Brunswick Renegades
St Mary’s Salesian St Mary’s Salesian
72 - 51
St Mary’s Salesian St Mary’s Salesian
143 - 34
Old Paradians Old Paradians
51 - 61
St Bedes/Mentone Tigers St Bedes/Mentone Tigers
57 - 22

Match Report

The Reno’s began their match against St. Bede’s with a burst of energy, quickly making their presence known on the field with a swift 50-meter entry that put them on the scoreboard early. José, was a force to be reckoned with her exceptional defensive skills continued to aggravate the opposition, repeatedly smothering St. Bede’s attempts and effectively disrupting their outback handballs.

The game proved to be a physical battle, characterised by hard tackles and intense pressure in the midfield. The Reno’s demonstrated great tenacity and determination, constantly challenging their opponents and refusing to back down. If we had to guess some stats, Maddog would have had at least 26 possessions, she charged through the congested midfield, leaving defenders in her wake.

For three-quarters of the game, Brunswick managed to keep the St. Bede’s scoring opportunities to a minimum. Their strong defensive efforts and disciplined play prevented their opponents from gaining an advantage.

The Reserves fought hard and it paid off with St Bede’s having a quiet scoreline for the majority of the game. However, as the match reached its final quarter, the fatigue started to set in, and Brunswick’s tired legs became evident. St. Bede’s, taking advantage of their fresher bench players, capitalised on the opportunity and began to overrun Brunswick.

Although the final result may not have favoured the Reno’s, the team can hold their heads high for their valiant effort against a top-of-the-ladder opponent.

While the final quarter proved challenging, Brunswick’s performance throughout the majority of the game should be celebrated. With their determined mindset and skillful gameplay, they have shown the potential to compete with the best teams in the league, and their continued growth and development will undoubtedly make them a formidable force in future matches.

3. Amy Dillon 1
64. Vanessa Lussini 1
25. Rayhna Puche 1
90. Meg McNeel 2
36. Kate Sullivan 3
5. Rubee-Leigh Poata 4
21. Josephine Brown 5
2. Demi Tinning
13. Samantha Lloyd
17. Anastasia Gramatakos
29. Lydia Bell
31. Danielle Hagan
39. Darcy O’Connell
41. Lilah Summers Dixon
49. Kiah Pearce
67. Trelawney Skye Edgar
74. Josephine Marchant
86. Elizabeth Fitzgerald
91. Eva Mellors
93. Kaila Michael

Venue location

Southern Road Oval

Acacia Ave and Southern Rd, Mentone VIC