Whitefriars vs NOBSPC

Division 1
Score: 67 - 25
1.3-9 4.7-31 4.11-35 9.13-67
Brunswick Brunswick (as NOBSPC)
0.1-1 2.2-14 3.5-23 3.7-25
Whitefriars Whitefriars
108 - 62
Richmond Central Richmond Central
34 - 68
South Morang South Morang
28 - 20

Match Report

It was a frustrating and disappointing day for NOBSPC at Whitefriars College on Saturday as, having never come to terms with the windy conditions nor the greater intensity of the home side, we suffered a heavy loss which means it will now be extremely difficult for us to challenge for the final four.

The young Friars hit us hard early in the contests and held us goalless, even though we were kicking with the wind in the opening term. Gerrard Bence and Michael O’Donoghue were outstanding in defence, helping to minimize early damage on the scoreboard.

The second quarter was better, but we still seemed to misread the wind and played the ball down the attacking wing from defence, costing us some goals.

After half time we bounced out of the blocks and looked likely with the wind for the first 15 minutes, but bad misses cruelled our chances. In fact it took a lucky umpiring decision to gift us our only goal for the quarter. It would prove to be our final goal of the game as the Friars overran in the last quarter, which unfortunately has been a recurrent theme for us in 2015.

Yet again, Boomer Bence was our best four quarter player. Mick O’Donoghue also continued his excellent season, while Lachlan Ezard was solid, particularly across half back. Danny King had an absolute Red Hot Go and showed his teammates how to play in tough conditions. Chris Ford was also a good contributor after getting out of his sick bed.

We play St Mary’s back at Gillon Oval this week in what is a last-roll-of-the-dice game for us. Please come out and show your support!

1. Chris Ford 1 2
8. Matt Keown 1
13. Adam Oakley 1
34. Danny King 1
15. Matthew Close 3
22. Michael O’Donoghue 4
43. Gerrard Bence 5
21. Lachlan Ezard 6
2. Jarrod Wade
9. Peter Shepherd
14. Dean Beaumont
19. Christopher Colman
23. Ryan Benoit
25. Michael Dennis
27. James Mirtschin
46. Brenton Hunt
47. Patrick Kelly
49. Jack Conrick
50. Simon Hayes
55. Scott Niewand
Jake Kerr
Andrew Roberts

Venue location

Whitefriars College Oval

156 Park Rd, Donvale VIC