Old Geelong vs NOBSPC

Division 1
August 15, 2015, 2:00 pm
Score: 163 - 58
4.1-25 9.4-58 19.8-122 25.13-163
Brunswick Brunswick (as NOBSPC)
1.4-10 2.10-22 3.10-28 8.10-58
Old Geelong Old Geelong
179 - 17
Port Melbourne Colts Port Melbourne Colts
74 - 19

Match Report

Saturday afternoon in the late winter sunshine in South Yarra was extremely pleasant, especially sitting on the grassy slopes of Como Park after a beautiful steak and a nice red at lunch. Oh, was there a footy match on as well? That wasn’t quite so pretty for NOBSPC.

In the first half we won plenty of the ball. In fact we had more inside 50 entries than Old Geelong, but butchered the ball badly and 2.10 should have been much, much better. Matt Keown was simultaneously hero and villain, dominant in the forward line but his goalkicking radar was off.

The third quarter was then a wipe out. OGS simply outclassed us. We went from winning the contested ball to not being able to get our hands on it at all. In the final term we fought it out and looked like winning the quarter until OGS kicked the last two goals of the game.

It will come as no surprise to readers that Boomer Bence was again our best player. He always gives four quarters and plays with poise whether in defence, in the middle or going forward. James Mirtschin was very good down back, while two of our best goers Danny King and Pat Kelly also stuck to the task all day.

There was some good news on the day – Bulleen Templestowe lost to Kew so we are no longer at risk of relegation.

We end the season at home against Old Mentone, who are equal with us on six wins for the season. It would be great to finish a tough season on a high against the Panthers!

43. Gerrard Bence 2 1
47. Patrick Kelly 2 4
34. Danny King 1 3
8. Matt Keown 1 5
14. Dean Beaumont 1
23. Ryan Benoit 1
27. James Mirtschin 2
20. Chris Horsley 6
3. Nick Holt
5. James Murfett
7. George Hartney
11. Tom Hartney
18. Peter Carter
19. Christopher Colman
21. Lachlan Ezard
24. Jeremy Nettlefold
36. Timothy Dyer
37. Steven Speers
38. Scott Thomas
39. Timothy McCullagh
46. Brenton Hunt
49. Jack Conrick

Venue location

Como Park

29 Como Ave, South Yarra VIC