South Melbourne Districts vs NOBSPC

Division 1
Score: 114 - 142
Brunswick Brunswick (as NOBSPC)
South Melbourne Districts South Melbourne Districts
27 - 152

Match Report

We ventured down to South Melb Dist to face the old coach from 2007, the loss of Ned Flanders to injury prior to the game was a blow but an oppurtunity for a new player to show his wares. Chris Horsley’s call up after several good games in the twos showcased our depth this year. We had control of the game by half way through the second term but the second hald was a let down . We let the oppo in with some poor football (or maybe the fumes from the Grand Prix got into our gatorades at half time.) They took it up to us but like any good side we resonded and in the end ran out 28 pt winners. Once again our poor kicking for goal didnt help the cause 20 goals 22 points, convert 6 points to goals and should have been a ten goal win. Our team work is a work in progress and the new players each week are getting better. The season although we are 7-0 is still building we will get better.

Goal Kickers: M. Barker (4), S. Harwood (4), D. Tonkin (3), T. Brady (2), H. Edmonds (2), K. Adams, C. Ford, S. Chesire, E. Hancock, J. Hunter

Best: J. Cassell, S. O’Connor, D. Tonkin, S. Harwood, H. Edmonds, A. Crameri

Venue location

Lindsay Hassett Oval

Aughtie Drive, Albert Park VIC