South Melbourne Districts vs NOBSPC

Division 1 Reserves
Score: 27 - 152
Brunswick Brunswick (as NOBSPC)
South Melbourne Districts South Melbourne Districts
114 - 142

Match Report

This game could be called a slaughter and it was. A complete domination by the magoos in all aspects. It was just a great game to watch, the team work by all concerned was just superb, especially the team manager in finding that last goal kicker. In such a one sided match selfishness could have come to the for but it didn’t. Picking the best for the coach would have to be a nightmare. Some of the players improvements are just great. There are still a handful of players to come back yet but the way we are playing makes it hard for them. It will make competition for places pretty damn hard.

Goal Kickers: A. Johnson (3), J. Weidner (3), M. Carney (2), C. Dobson (2), C. LeMaitre (2), C. Punton (2), J. Browne, D. Joyce, B. Sheehan, J. van Dyk, J. Fisher, R. Veal, A. McLarty, T. Reilly

Best: R. Veal, C. Le Maitre, B. Sheehan, J. Scanlon, M. Carney, C. Punton

Venue location

Lindsay Hassett Oval

Aughtie Drive, Albert Park VIC