President’s Report

What a world we are living in at the moment. Firstly, I hope this finds you all healthy and well in these uncertain times. Normally I would be writing to you upon the halfway mark of the season, hopefully sitting pretty on top of the respective ladders, but as we live in the COVID-19 pandemic we are still as uncertain of a season as we have ever been. With other cash leagues around the state and in metro Melbourne cancelling their season it is pleasing that the VAFA explore the season as the best amateur competition in the state, knowing full well that the amateur clubs are able to function and run at a lower costs to those paying their players.

In regards to the VAFA and their decision, the Brunswick Football Club will continue to do its own testing and modelling for what a reduced season looks like, knowing that the implications of participating in a potential season will affect the club and its sustainability for years to come. We will be also guided by the VAFA and their decision but will make our own decision on the viability of the club participating in the competition for 2020, reserving our decision until we do our due diligence for what is best for our wonderful club. The VAFA board will meet on Monday the 6th of July to decide if we will have a football season this year. VAFA have to consider a number of key issues before deciding which way to go.

  • The health and wellbeing of our VAFA community
  • The financial viability of all clubs – short and long term
  • VAFA Club sustainability
  • The burden on club volunteers
  • Legal liability (insurance)
  • The possibility of a compromised season
  • Further COVID19 outbreaks impacting some competitions

BFC Covid-19 response strategy

The club returned to training on the 1st of June as per the AFL Victoria guidelines and the Victorian Government restrictions in reduced groups across both Gillon Oval and Clifton Park West. We have also followed all of the Return to Training (RTT) guidelines and have implemented protocols to allow for the players to “Get in, Train, Get out”.

The senior club and the Brunswick Junior Football Club have worked fantastically well with the RTT strategies and it is a credit to both committee’s for so far what has been a seamless return to training. I want to thank Beth Scott and her committee for their cooperation and coordination for what has been a mammoth task logistically. Credit must also go to the players and coaches for buying into the guidelines and making it work seamlessly, thanking especially people who have put their hands up to be COVID safety officers. Shout out to the two first year coaches Tim and Joe also who would never have envisioned this for their first year at the club but have handled themselves wonderfully and have maintained engagement for the players, with a special mention to Matt Roberts and his team at Max Results who have kept players fit and engaged with their modified running groups and group sessions.

Tax Deductible Donations

Regardless of the VAFA’s decision on returning to play or not, the club will run at a significant loss financially for the year. To help combat this, through our wonderful committee’s hard work and partnership with the Australian Sports foundation, we are now registered to receive tax deductible donations, conveniently right before June 30! While we understand many have been hit financially during this pandemic, we are asking for your support in a time of need to allow us to be fully ready for whatever the rest of 2020 throws at us, and look to help sustain the club long into the future.

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I hope you all stay safe and well and look forward to seeing you at the club, whenever that may be!

Jarryd Browne
Brunswick Football Club