Brunswick NOBs vs Power House

Division 2
April 9, 2022, 2:00 pm
Score: 166 - 15
Brunswick Brunswick NOBs
4.5-29 6.10-46 14.16-100 24.22-166
0.1-1 0.3-3 0.3-3 2.3-15
Power House Power House
145 - 6
Parkdale Vultures Parkdale Vultures
84 - 8
Parkdale Vultures Parkdale Vultures
24 - 30

Match Report

On another perfect early-April Saturday at Gillon Oval Brunswick recorded another smashing victory, this time over Power House, who were undermanned and outclassed. But, despite the mismatch, there was still a bit to unpack from the game.

For the second week running, the NOBs jumped out of the blocks well and had early goals on the board, with star recruit Aaron Christensen again to the fore. But as happened last week, we lost our way after about 20 minutes, over-possessing the ball and failing to take the first option. When the inevitable turnovers occurred, it gave the opposition a chance to get into the game, which they fortuitously failed to do. A late goal to the excellent Reubin Fulton-Grigg meant the scoreboard was more reflective of our dominance of the game, but 4.5 was still a bit disappointing.

The malaise that came over the team late in the first term then bled into the second, which was almost unwatchable as a sporting spectacle. To the credit of the Power House lads, when given the chance, they cracked in and made it difficult for us to score. But a return of 2.5 kicking with the wind was poor and didn’t do justice to the great work of players like Will McKenzie, who was thrown into the ruck against a much bigger opponent, and Lewis White, who marked everything that came near him at half-back.

HOWEVER, it is very pleasing to report that the wise words of coach Hunter at the main break obviously struck a chord and in the third quarter we rediscovered our mojo, again playing quickly and directly. The forwards received great service from the mids, with Gus Coverdale the main beneficiary kicking three majors for the term (to make it four for the day), and 8.6 for the term was more like it.

By the final quarter, we had broken the backs of the opposition and our superior fitness allowed us to run all over them. The highlight of the term was undoubtedly Angus Ross’ four goals after shifting forward from the midfield (just quietly, he appeared very keen to outdo his mate Coverdale’s third quarter effort). Tom Wilson added another couple to take his tally to five for the day and nine for the season, while Christensen slotted his third.

Over four quarters, Fulton-Grigg was our best player, racking up possessions and dominating the midfield. White was also excellent, as was Christensen. Our BJFC products in McKenzie, Ross and Coverdale were all outstanding and brought a big smile to the face of the “Father of the Juniors”, Trevor Ludeman. Rhyen Woods was again very good, as were returning veterans Matt Dickson and Liam Whelan.

After Easter we travel to East Doncaster to face Yarra Old Grammarians at their junior-sized ground, when I am sure that the coach will be looking for a four-quarter performance to take us to a 3-0 start.

14. Thomas Wilson 5
34. Angus Ross 4 5
16. Angus Coverdale 4
43. Aaron Christensen 3 1
10. Aidan Pollock 2
11. Rhyen Woods 1 3
33. Reubin Fulton-Grigg 1 4
5. James Schmidt 1
8. Benjamin Wilson 1
9. Nicholas Burgin 1
15. Kristian Ciciulla 1
23. Lewis White 2
3. Will McKenzie 6
2. Mathew Dickson
4. Maxwell Naughton
7. Jackson Browne
12. Dean Roberts
17. Angus Buckley
18. Darcy Heenan
28. Liam Whelan
29. Evan Mcintyre
32. Kane Daly

Venue location

Gillon Oval

Pearson St, north of Victoria St, Brunswick VIC