Brunswick NOBs vs Ivanhoe

Division 2
June 18, 2022, 2:00 pm
Score: 49 - 84
Brunswick Brunswick NOBs
1.2-8 3.4-22 3.7-25 7.7-49
6.0-36 9.2-56 11.4-70 13.6-84
Ivanhoe Ivanhoe
123 - 9
Richmond Central Richmond Central
21 - 14
Richmond Central Richmond Central
95 - 0

Match Report

Played on a wet track under sunny and still skies, the conditions may have been different to those encountered at Ivanhoe a number of weeks ago, but unfortunately the pattern of the game and the result was very similar for Brunswick at Gillon Oval on Saturday.

Once again, the game was pretty much done by half-time, with one difference being the accuracy of the opposition this time around – they had nine goals straight on the board by early in the second quarter – which meant that the lunch attendees were largely denied an opportunity to see a competitive NOBs outfit on the day. Brunswick stuck to the task and made it an even contest from that time, with six goals to four, but the bird had well-and-truly flown.

The first quarter was marked by Ivanhoe’s precise and incisive ball movement compared to Brunswick’s slow and careful approach, which played into the hands of the Hoers’ tall defenders. Ben Wilson, who kicked our only goal for the term, was one player who stood out for us.

Things got uglier at the start of the second term as the visitors slammed on three quick majors to race to a 46-point lead, before the NOBs started getting their hands on the ball, managing to stem the tide, and then hit the scoreboard with two late goals, to Kristian Ciciulla and Tom Wilson.

To have any chance Brunswick needed a huge third quarter, but it wasn’t to be, as we went goalless despite having plenty of the ball. Poor forward entries which were easy to defend killed us, while the Hoers managed to slot through a couple against the run-of-play. A big collision on the far wing saw Jacko Browne unfortunately stretchered off, but post-match reports on his condition were promising.

The final term was by far our best, as we gave the scoreboard some respectability, with four goals to two, including a second to Tom Wilson and singles to Choco Royle, Aidan Pollock and Lewis White.

While the result was disappointing, we showed that in general play we can match the top side in the division, with many players having a lot of possessions, but we need to improve the connection between our midfield and the forward line.

On the day our best players came from an over-worked backline, led by Lewis White, Will McKenzie and Liam Whelan. Around the ball, Ben Wilson was hard at it all day, while the excellent form of Angus Ross and Tom O’Farrell continues.

We will be looking to return to the winners’ list this week against Old Paradians away. See you there!

14. Thomas Wilson 2
23. Lewis White 1 1
8. Benjamin Wilson 1 3
10. Aidan Pollock 1
15. Kristian Ciciulla 1
24. David Royle 1
3. Will McKenzie 2
42. Tomas O’Farrell 4
34. Angus Ross 5
28. Liam Whelan 6
1. Matthew Palmer
5. James Schmidt
7. Jackson Browne
12. Dean Roberts
13. Chris Gavaghan
16. Angus Coverdale
17. Angus Buckley
26. Jasper Paevere
29. Evan Mcintyre
32. Kane Daly
35. Joshua Hedley
41. Tahj Haddock
45. Zephyr Hooke

Venue location

Gillon Oval

Pearson St, north of Victoria St, Brunswick VIC