Peter O’Farrell has had a long and distinguished football career as a player and as an administrator. His record below speaks for itself. For the benefit of our newest Club Members, POF and Garry Foulds run the annual Coterie dinner being held Friday 14th June and POF will be the MC. He is as skilled with microphone in hand as he is with ball in hand!

Where did you grow up?
Bendigo. East Bendigo actually.

Do you have a nickname and why?
POF –my initials.

Where did you go to School?
Catholic College Bendigo.

What was your playing career?
Started junior football at St Kilian’s FC, then Marist Brothers FC, then Sandhurst Football Club in the Bendigo Football League. Played at Sandhurst in my first year at University whilst living at Newman College. Played for Newman College for 3 years. In my second year of University, came to North Old Boys AFC in 1991 following an introduction from 1963 Club Best and Fairest Brian Carney who was my optometrist and family friend in Bendigo.

Played at NOBs in 1991 and 1992 before returning home to Bendigo for work – I played at Sandhurst FC for three years before returning to NOBs at the end of 1996 season. Retired 2001.

Peter O'Farrell's home club, Sandhurst

Peter O’Farrell’s home club, Sandhurst

Chair ride for Frank Dunnel – c 1998

Chair ride for Frank Dunnel – c 1998

1997 Club Photograph

1997 Club Photograph

Bendigo Crew 1997 – Ben Smith, Mark Connolly, Mark Robinson, Steven Lock, Brendon Pentland, Peter and David O'Farrell

Bendigo Crew 1997 – Ben Smith, Mark Connolly, Mark Robinson, Steven Lock, Brendon Pentland, Peter and David O’Farrell

Playing career achievements?
Bendigo Interleague Team 1993-1995. Bendigo Football League Team of the Year 1993-1995. Played Best First Year Player NOBs (1991), NOBs Club Captain (1997). NOBs Coach’s Award (2000).

Major injuries?
Knee reconstruction end of 1997 season.

Club Honours?
Chairman of Selectors (1998), Reserve Assistant Coach (2002), Leo Smyth Best Clubman Award (2003), Senior Runner (2003-2004, on occasion 2016-2017), Committee member (various years between late 1990s-2016), Recruiting Chairman (1998-2004), Vice President (2004-2005), Treasurer (2006), Life Member, Senior Assistant Coach (2012-13), Club Coterie Co-Convenor ongoing.

2006 Club Committee

2006 Club Committee

VAFA Honours?
Deputy Vice-Captain of VAFA Division C-F State Team 1997 but was injured in the week leading into the game. 2017 – Awarded VAFA 125th year anniversary celebrations commemorative medallion for service to the Club in the past 25 years.

Game day roles and since when?
Chairman of Selectors (1998), Reserve Assistant Coach (2002), Senior Runner (2003-2004, on occasion 2016-2017 on occasion 2016-2017), Senior Assistant Coach (2012-13).

AFL/AFLW team?

Favourite player in the AFL/AFLW?
Very tough question – between Kouta, Kenny Hunter, Peter Bosustow, Vinnie Cattogio, Greg Williams, Fev, Rhys-Jones, Cripps. AFLW – Brooke Pattison Melbourne.

Best thing about playing for Brunswick NOBs?
It was always an inclusive and diverse Club which welcomed all on equal terms regardless of background.

Best player seen on the field at Brunswick/North Old Boys?
Question too hard to answer – so I’m going with the ‘Back Six’ from 2012 Premiership Team – Beaumont, O’Donohue, Delmenico, Ryan, Hosking, Oakley.

2012 Premiership – the Back Six

2012 Premiership – the Back Six

Best player seen off the field at Brunswick/ North Old Boys?
Too close to call as between Sleep, Vogels, Curry, Egan, Tierney, Fogarty, Cerini, Phyland, Zacek, Halpin (particularly on a dancefloor), McTaggart, Fuzz.

Professional career and current location?
Barrister based in the City. Live in Moonee Ponds.

Family situation?
Married to Sally, we have three boys, Jack, Harry and Ned (who were mascots for the 2012 Premiership Team). Sally played for the North Old Girls Netball Team in the late 1990-2000s.

2012 premiership mascots
North Old Girls Netball Team – C. 1998

North Old Girls Netball Team – C. 1998