Brunswick U19s vs Oakleigh

U19 Division 4
Score: 52 - 72
Brunswick Brunswick U19s

Match Report

The Brunswick U19 had to travel to Trevor Barker Oval for a 9.20am start last Saturday. After going down to PEGS by 14 points in the 2nd Semi this was the opportunity to progress to the GF and have another crack at PEGS. In perfect conditions both sides were inaccurate in the first quarter. Brunswick hit the post twice in the first quarter and led 1.6.12 to 1.4.10 with the aid of a slight breeze.

The second quarter saw Oakleigh get on top kicking 3.2 to Brunswick 1 behind. That 1 behind was also a poster. Half time scores Brunswick 1.7.13 trailed Oakleigh 4.6.30.

The 3rd quarter was one of the best for Brunswick U19 this season. Appearing quiet and a little dejected during the half time break the boys came out and threw all they had at Oakleigh. The talk lifted, the run from behind was terrific and the forwards were constantly on the move. The result was Brunswick kicked 6.3 to Oakleigh’s 1 goal for the quarter.

3/4 time scores Brunswick 7.10.52 led Oakleigh 5.6.36.

There was an air of “we can do it” at 3/4 time but as the breeze stiffened in Oakleigh’s favour and they came out hard at us the run was out of our legs and the final siren saw Brunswick 7.10.52 level with Oakleigh 7.10.52. We had a couple of chances but just couldn’t finish the work on tiring legs.

The coin toss for the first period of extra time was in Oakleigh’s favour so they had the breeze again. Our boys tried hard and should be very proud of their efforts. Ultimately Oakleigh got on top kicking 3.2 to no score in extra time and the game was done with Brunswick 7.10.52 defeated by Oakleigh 10.12.72.

It should be noted that on an unseasonal warm day we had 21 players to Oakleigh’s 24. Our list was reduced by 2 players (Eamonn & Christian) unavailable as they were on pre-booked overseas family holidays. 2 other players (Rocco – ankle) and Antonio (wrist) were injured. Those 4 players are all running players and would have been handy in the warm conditions. 4 underdone players in the 21 would likely not have played if it were just a H&A game- Ari (on medication for a chest infection) Marcus (strained groin) our captain Oscar (ankle) and Leo (bad shoulder and advised by his physio NOT to play again) all put in a gallant effort as did the whole team.

This group of young men only came together 2 weeks before round 1 and managed to win 15 games, 1 draw and 2 defeats (both to PEGS) during the H&A season.

We finished the season “banged up” which no doubt cost us but everyone including the coaches Andrew and Joe should feel very proud of their efforts.

5. Benjamin Marchionna 2 5
4. David Marchione 1 1
58. Nicolas Staniscia 1 3
1. Oscar Watt 1
11. Liam Tout 1
46. Luc Scutella 1
17. Freddy Sinn 2
Leo Sekhon 4
Ari Paevere 6
6. Zane Cocco
7. Zac Cooper Light
10. Marcus Foti
12. Luca Perrone
13. Nicholas Davis
14. Alexander Nitson
18. Dashiell Spencer White
27. Rory O’Connor
28. Oliver Ivin Poole
37. Baylee Eldridge
52. Salvatore Gaetano
54. Dermot Reynolds

Venue location

Trevor Barker Oval

Beach Rd and Georgiana St, Sandringham VIC