When did you begin to be involved with NOBs? How did this come about?
I think the year was 1996 (maybe earlier, the year before POF was captain). I initially just went along to the games to watch Mark & POF play on Saturday ‘arvo. I was approached by the great Bruno Conti, if I’d like to have any involvement. I had one year of joint Senior Team Manager along side Andy Nelson.

What price are you willing to sell your much sought after NOBs coat?
NOBS coat is priceless, won’t even entertain any bids.

What are some of your favourite memories from your time with the club?
One of the favourite memories was Thursday Night when Frank Dunell announced POD in back pocket for his first senior game, the place erupted with applause.

The funniest NOB-related story you have?
1. Mark Connolly has recently confirmed this- Half Time at Gillon Oval (it was the reverses-not sure what year) everyone was pretty happy with themselves and not focusing on the task at hand, POD taking some leadership upon himself (although not one of the appointed leaders) told everyone “Come on fellas everyone knuckle down and focus WE’RE CARRYING ON WITH A CARNIVALE ATTITUDE”

2. As relayed to me, during Bruno Conti’s stint as Captain, 3/4 time just players involved. Bruno asked Shannon Mikunda, “Wazza, what do we need to do to turn things around?”
Wazza answer “BRUNO LETS ALL GET OUT THERE AND SH*T ON THEIR HEADS”. I can only guess that means to get on top of the opposition both mentally & physically.

Who have been your favourite players? Favourite characters around the club?
Favourite Players in no particular order;
Dan Tonkin, Luke Curry, Shannon Mikunda, Joe Barker, Mark Connolly & John Sutherland

Favourite characters;
Sean Trenton, Shane McGrath & Brendan Pentland

Do your parents call you Daryl? Please explain how you came to be known as Daryl?
Mum & Dad call me Tim. However, the rest of the family get my attention by “Dazzler” and other variations. How I became known as Daryl is a long harmless story, which happened long ago. Can’t really go into specifics (need to protect the innocent – mainly me).

Which team do you enjoy NOBs beating the most? Why?
Enjoyed beating Old Paradians & Old Brighton equally.

Favourite Thursday night meal?
I’m insulted you even have to ask. Cheesy Lasagne (if it ain’t broken don’t fix it).

Which opposition ground had the best canteen?
I always liked Brighton’s canteen, had to go so far to get there, I always thought they did the best they could.
More recently I like the Fitzroy Reds canteen – good set up.

In terms of the canteen operator, how would you like to be remembered?
I’d like to be remembered as a NOBS/COBS supporter who enjoyed everything about the club.

Go Blues ’08