Nicknames: POD or Fabulous
Playing Years at NOBs: 1986-2000
Numbers Worn: 23
Games (approx): 200+
Premierships & Grand Finals Played in: 0

In a a paragraph or two, give a brief overview of your time at NOBs as a player & supporter:

My journey was over a 14 year period as a player and due to circumstances, is restricted as a supporter but try to get to a game when possible. Probably the best part of my life is my association with NOBS, which over this period enabled myself to enjoy and be part of a great institution. My association, like many before me involved number of particular functions being;
Committee member;
Raffle Organiser;
Opposition spy;
Thursday night dinners;
sometimes player!

Played with and coached by many greats in this time which I can say is a privilege. NOBS has and is a great part of my life.

Most Memorable Nob’s Games played & watched:

* First senior game for NOBs Rd 16 1999 verses Collegians. After 187 games, cracked a senior berth (lot of injuries that year!).
* Playing my 200th game at Elsternwick Park. Come from behind win against Old Brighton one of my best memories. Also was the day Paul Booth played his 200th game in the seniors which was the first time they had won at Elsternwick Park since 1994. We both started in the U/9’s at St Francis and played our 200th game on the same day for NOBS.

One time in the late 80’s the seniors were playing Ormond and the battle to avoid relegation was on. I remember vividly the Thursday night at Brens Oval when teams were being read out. Coach of the time Mark Hanneberry said before announcing the team that if nobody was not up-to-it, then tell me now. There was a deadly silence for 5 minutes…… could hear a pin drop…… Would of put the fear of God into any 17 year old. After returning from playing U/19’s to see that the seniors had won the game, there was about 15 Ormond players nursing broken noses, heads, jaws, ruptured spleens, livers etc. Hanna’s was also sporting a broken nose, but had big smile on his face. The battle had been fought and won.

Rd 1 1998 verses Melbourne High. They inflicted much pain on the Club in 1996 and this return game was one of satisfaction……..

Greatest Memory from your time playing or supporting at NOBs:

Association of great blokes, friends, on and off the field. Never getting reported. Robert Hyde’s 3 quarter time address 1991 Grand Final, Denis Fogarty’s pre-match address for his 200th game; ended the war in Kuwait (Fog was later nominated for Humanitarian Award by the UN), footy trips.

Biggest Disappointment/Lowlights whilst at NOBs:

Relegation is the heartache for any player and supporter and turnover of quality players. The best memories for any player (or playing Group) are the guys who stick together through the tough times. Success will happen if you collectively stick together and work at it. Exciting time and opportunity for that Group, be part of it!, don’t take the easy option.

Breaking my hand against Old Trinity, the bloke didn’t get up but I cracked the bone in my hand. (back of people’s heads can hurt!) Missed 3 games and played the last 4 of that season with cracked bone. Was told by the doctor that I would miss the rest of the season, but that wasn’t relayed back to the coaching staff, didn’t like missing games and wasn’t going to miss out on playing finals.

Career/Club Highlights:

200 games, life member, Best Club Person 1999.

Best Players played with & seen at NOB’s and why:

Tony Cahill: Hardness at contest, quality player and bloke. Example for future players.
Bruno Conti: Mr Football……. could play abit! Great mentor.
Owen Abrahams: tough, fierce, got everything out of himself.
Paul Considine: Great player.
Dennis Fogarty: The General…… Great in-and-under type!
Dom Perrone: Forward pocket dynamo……. Peter Daicos of NOBS!
Stephen Moloney: Skills personified…….. Could play a tad.
Steve Brazil: Freak…..courageous, strong hands.
Paul Booth: Smooth……. alltime great.
Brett Collison: Great leader, example for other players.
Andy Ryan, Peter Hevey etc….. Quality blokes who give alot the their club.

Best opponents in the Ammo’s played against or seen:

Ormond was always hard battle, tough, fierce but always had a beer afterwards. Didn’t like too many other clubs.

What do you like best about NOB’s?

People……… Met some lifetime friends at the club which are things you cherish. If I had a dollar every time someone said to me “I’d wish I never left NOBs” we’d be sailing the Greek Islands on our footy trips! Great place to call home and great place to be part of.