Sasha Dougherty became a Renegade in 2017 and quickly showed she knows how to find the footy, with quite a few cases of leather poisoning in her debut season. She’s also a rare unit being one of a only a handful of Gold Coast supporters, and is also one of the nicest people you’ll meet.

Recently dubbed “Superhands” for her ability to pluck the ball from seemingly any contest, with her height and agility she is handy in the ruck or as a key position forward. When she’s not playing footy she’s responsible for delivering news to our screens, being responsible for live crosses for the news in her roles at Channel 7 and the ABC.

  • Nickname: Sash, I’m yet to get nicknamed (Editor note: not anymore!)
  • Hometown: Port (rough as guts) Augusta, South Australia.
  • AFL Team supported: Gold Coast
  • Greatest sporting achievement: MVP 3 years in a row for Spartans Basketball Club B grade.
  • Pre-game ritual/Superstitions: Listening to Fleetwood Mac and wearing purple undies.
  • If we were to compare you to any footballer/athlete, who would it be? Sharon Strezlecki (here if you neeeeed)
  • What should we expect from you on match day? Sneaking in the forward line for a quick snap goal…shh don’t tell anyone.
  • Who is the greatest AFL player of all time, and why? Eddie Betts – those goals though!! Bend it like Betts…
Sasha Dougherty

“Superhands” Sash Dougherty outreaches her opponent to palm one down